Create a Trend, Ride the Wave

April 1st, 2016

In this day and age, it’s no secret that ‘trends’ are no longer born on the streets. With powerhouses such as social media and popular television shows, the key to piquing the interest of the viewing public lies in something as simple as a meme, the brief mention of a brand or a newly coined term.

Kukoo for Cocobolo

If you’re a fan of Better Call Saul, you might have found yourself falling into this very pattern after tuning into the second season of the show. After the quick reference to a cocobolo desk, it seems fans of the show made a mad dash towards their smartphones to look up the item on Google. During the time surrounding the premiere of the episode boasting about cocobolo desks, the search term experienced a substantial spike on Google Trends.

@Google searches of cocobolo desk spiked from 0 to 100 immediately after mention on @bettercallsaul Click To Tweet

We don’t know whether or not any of the interested parties actually purchased the said desk, but it can definitely be concluded that a lot of potential customers now know a thing or two about these desks and their roots in Belize.

Create a Trend, Ride the Wave

Although abstract, this sudden interest in something an foreign as a cocobolo desk truly demonstrates the power of today’s media. This truth extends to our other guilty pleasure: social media. When today’s influencers include a simple mention of a brand’s Instagram handle or share an image of a product, users set out on a frantic search to learn more. Regrams, retweets, pins and shares multiply the excitement and the product awareness which usually leads to the said item making it to the top of countless wish lists and flying off the shelves. Although starting a trend isn’t exactly easy, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you make it happen.

  1. Identify something about your business or products that is interesting, different or funny. Find your niche.

As countless social media masters have said in the past, nobody gets too excited about something that has already been done before. In our crazy, media centric world, it might seem impossible to come up with an original idea. Luckily for you, it’s as simple as answering this question: what makes your business or product unique? As soon as you’re able to answer that question, run with it and use that to capture your audience.

  1. Create a catchy hashtag

Think of a fun, short phrase that captures the aesthetic of your business. It should be memorable and possibly include some form of an incentive. Think a small discount or offering up the chance of a repost on your main social media handles to create additional buzz, since there’s nothing people love more than saving cash or expanding their social handles.

  1. Get it out there—post, tweet, pin, snap—whatever will best reach your target audience.

Think about the people you’re trying to reach. What are they passionate about? What makes them tick? Create shareable content that is strategically curated around their likes and needs. Sometimes, getting through to your audience can be as easy as including photos of an irresistibly cute rescue dog.

  1. Interact with influencers to encourage them to share.

In our world, this is absolutely key. Rather than simply following the herd and looking to major celebrities for inspiration, today’s media users turn their attention to people who are just like them: influencers. These people come in the form of bloggers, vloggers, photographers and beyond. While their immense online followings may seem a little intimidating, there’s no harm in reaching out! Many of these influencers will collaborate with brands that stay true to their values. Seek out those who you resonate with. Also, don’t’ hesitate to start local! Who are the local influencers in your area? Connect with them to help spread your cause.

  1. In the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa “Push it. Push it real good.” 

As you’ve reached out for support, now it’s time to give a little of your own to your business and stay consistent in spreading the word. If you keep ‘pushing it,’ your message might end up as immortal as the words of the great Salt-N-Peppa.

It’s safe to say that the topics at the top of today’s ‘trending’ lists earn their rightful spots in a more organic fashion. Whether or not the creators intended to incite a cocobolo desk frenzy, the fact of the matter is that modern media is essentially limitless, opening up a new realm of possibilities. You can become the maker of your brand’s destiny and set the trend in motion!

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