Google’s Fast-Loading Tech Encourages New Standard for Mobile Platforms

April 15th, 2016

Do you ever feel frustrated waiting for pages to load on your phone? You are not the only one. Let’s face it, we’re an impatient bunch when it comes to internet browsing. No one has the time to stay idle while waiting for a page to load, but unsurprisingly, Google can fix that. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Program is Google’s latest initiative to improve mobile web browsing and enhance distribution. Google claims that AMP pages can load up to four times faster while using 10 times less data. Click To Tweet
The AMP project was first announced last fall and not a moment too soon. Google is in the business of doing business on the web. It was only a matter of time before they created a program with the intent of building faster mobile web experiences to encourage users to stay in the browser rather than switching to apps or other platforms. AMP is a fast-loading technology that is already making waves in terms of ease of use and speed.

How does it work? When you run a search on a specific topic, a queue of new stories is displayed at the top of your screen, before the search results. Google would select stories based on features like relevance and speed. With AMP, pages that make use of this program will get priority.

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AMP-ing Up Mobile Search

AMP HTML makes optimized web pages load instantly on a user’s mobile device making for a better user experience. For AMP to work, publishers need to be convinced of the benefits Google’s program can offer. Publishers AMP-up versions of their stories by creating open source code that notifies Google’s web crawlers that an AMP version exists. When a reader does a search via a mobile platform, only AMP-ified pages will be favored.

Wired refers to AMP as Google’s competitive necessity based on the premise that speed matters on mobile. Click To Tweet The focus for AMP-modified pages is online news sources, though. Google consulted with advertising, analytics, video, and tech companies along with well-known news publishers to brainstorm ways to best build AMP without compromising user necessities.

AMP-Packed with Benefits

AMP pages undergo a loading process that prioritizes story content, followed by videos and ads, then more data-intensive features. The program itself offers a more simplified platform while incorporating support tools that publishers may already have like ads, analytics, and paywall support. There are also no pop-up ads. Finally, rather than dealing with numerous trackers that often result in loading lag, AMP pages feature one piece of code. That code can be shared across firms like Adobe Analytics and Chartbeat.

Gaining the Competitive Edge

Wired refers to AMP as Google’s competitive necessity based on the premise that speed matters on mobile. Click To Tweet With Facebook offering Instant Articles on users’ walls and Apple News implementing a streamlined experience for iPhone users, Google took to providing a similar experience on the web. The ultimate goal for AMP is for users to access and read stories faster, no matter where the link comes from. What does that mean for your business? Because Google is prioritizing AMP pages from mobile search, your site will have to have AMP-ified content to be seen and found.
AMP pages can only be accessed through links found in mobile browsers. And though most people do not access online news via Google searches, publishers claim there are enough readers to justify optimizing those links. Wired refers to AMP as Google’s competitive necessity based on the premise that speed matters on mobile. Click To Tweet As part of AMP integration, you can expect to see links in your Twitter feed and Pinterest boards that are already successful. Websites like Cosmopolitan, Nuzzel, and The Verge have already converted to the ways of AMP. Even WordPress has developed a plugin for self-hosted pages to support AMP.

Get Ahead of the Game

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