A Little Bird Told Me – 5 Reasons to Tweet

May 15th, 2016


There’s a thin red line between social media use and networking. Sometimes the two merge into a perfect harmony of conversation and resolution. Other times (perhaps too often), it’s just cat pictures and quirky quotes.

But it’s important as a brand (especially in this fast pace tech world) to stay relevant, open, and in touch.

Rather than seeing Twitter as a pandemonium of Millennials and socially starving individuals, recognize it for its true worth. A valuable resource that keeps you in touch with the people that matter most…your clients.

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1. Know Your Customer

It seems like most people are tired of big box companies. Often times it feels like you’re just another account number and a payment. The little guppy swimming in a world of sharks.

But is that necessarily true? Is that true of your company?

Not if you don’t want it to be.

Using Twitter effectively can open the gates to a world of individuals seeking your services and hopefully feeling a tad bit more real in a system built on taking, but not really giving back.

So here’s you chance to converse with the little guy. Or in other words…the people who really make your company run. Plus you can keep them up-to-date on all your new and exciting happenings including product offerings and company news.

In fact, according to twitter.com, 85% of followers feel more connected to businesses they follow.

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This, of course, requires for you to be a more entrenched in a social media site you may not necessarily see as vital to your success. But remember.

Word of mouth is a force of nature – even in cyber space. So…

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2. Listen to Your Customer

We’ve all had bad customer experiences. Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle to make a scene. Sometimes it is.

Except in today’s world, why yell in front of 15 people when you can reach millions?

Twitter is the perfect platform to express this discontentment (or happiness). It’s also the perfect opportunity to learn about your customer experiences and to let your customer know that you are listening to them.

And as we all hopefully know. Relationships are a two-way road. It’s a give and take symbiosis. And you should…

3. Interact With Your Customer

Hopefully you’ve noticed the logical progression of this list.

Our 24-hour society means that customers are looking for answers when they need it. Not when it’s convenient to you. Want to lose a customer? Make it as difficult as you can for them to solve their issues.

Want to improve on your customer’s experience and gain some trust. Make yourself available on a platform like Twitter and prove that you really are there when they need it.

This sort of interaction builds confidence in your ability to provide solutions in real-world time.

Who doesn’t like a trustworthy friend? Build on these relationships by jumping into Twitter chats. Be a part of the conversation.

4. One Good Turn Deserves Another

Twitter will boost your online presence. But why stop at that? Why not use  it to see what’s going on in your industry and how you measure up? Why not use it to see what customers are saying about your competition?

Twitter is a great platform to help keep you in the know and give you a competitive edge. Without spending any money, you can keep a close eye on all the key players, news and interaction. Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of this potential.

Are you?

5. Learning the Game

The reality is that we live in an ever-changing technological world. Myspace is, dare I say, ancient history at this point.

Yet that doesn’t mean that its creation, pinnacle, and eventual descent are irrelevant. It just means that there is always an opportunity to learn the give and take of this wave.

Sure, keeping to the same routine day in and day out may work for you. But if your customers are changing their habits new opportunities to connect with them will evolve. Shouldn’t that the best reason to continually reevaluate and change your social media strategy?

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Twitter really is a great tool if you’re willing to dig beyond the surface chatter. It’s fast. It’s user friendly. And it’s a powerful business tool when you take the time for it.

It’s all true.…a little birdie told me.

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