8 Perfectly Clear Reasons Why You Need the Cobalt Digital Marketing Formula

November 1st, 2017

There really isn’t any other way around it. Your customers are online and your business growth is tied to how well you can capitalize on your digital presence. Digital marketing is here to stay.

From small mom and pops to large corporations, businesses of all sizes are competing for digital market share. And while, of course, adopting a digital marketing strategy can help to maximize your company’s reach, without the right system in place, you are likely to run aground as your ship sails the digital world.

It’s vital to understand that digital marketing contains a variety of components including SEO, content, PPC, data, analytics, social media- all of which need to strategically work together to have a meaningful impact on your business.

In our experience, the most successful programs stem from a well balanced equation of these elements, a strategic digital formula.

If your website is a floating digital poster not yielding results, or ** the horror** you don’t have a website, it’s time to seriously consider how our digital marketing formula can benefit you.

  1. Get found in a digital market.

Today’s consumer is interested in convenience and experience. The digital world is ripe for consumers as it offers both of these qualifications with search engines providing the perfect resources for customers to research brands and services before they purchase.

96% of people in America have made an online purchase in their life Click To Tweet

Google is the largest search engine in the world, accounting for 77% of market share (and growing) and a quality marketing campaign is going to utilize effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure your company is high on those search rankings.

Adding to the importance of becoming digital is that now more than three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone and use their mobile devices for searching, shopping, social media and more.

  1. Build your brand.

Millennials and Gen X customers are twice as likely to be influenced by advertising than their older counterparts, which speaks on the importance of building a brand that engages its target audience. Did we mention that these consumers do not want to be “sold”. They want content that is real and valuable.

Targeted web content and highly informative and engaging blogs can do wonders to increase your company’s/brand’s presence and gain valuable recognition. Today’s consumers are also drawn in by attention grabbing videos and images.

By also taking advantage of digital marketing data, you can get the right message in front of the right people. Imagine the possibilities! Your company can serve a personalized shopping experience and targeted deals that will convert viewers into customers.

  1. Achieve your business goals.

The right digital marketing formula is a strategic solution which not only paves the way for your online presence, but can also help you to attain your long term business goals. Are you looking to break into new markets? Do you want to drive traffic to your website for increase sales? Do you want to build your online reputation? Do you want to leverage your digital customer relationships to gather product insight and find enhanced customer experience opportunities?

By understanding the purpose of your digital marketing campaign, you should hopefully get a better feel for where your business stands in general and this can help you make some meaningful improvements that are outside of the digital realm.

  1. Get return on marketing investment.

Understandably, your businesses finances need to be taken into consideration whenever you develop a marketing strategy – traditional or digital.

If this is major concern for your small business or startup, find some comfort in learning that a digital, SEO-driven marketing campaign can save you substantially versus other channels such as television, radio and/or print.

Content marketing cost 62% less than traditional marketing. #content #marketing Click To Tweet

And not only that, but it generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. So when it’s all said and done, you’re looking at a bigger bang for your buck.

  1. Use data to be more effective.

Digital marketing isn’t just about throwing everything at the consumer market to see what sticks (though experimentation is always a good thing). No…savvy marketers like Cobalt Digital effectively use analytics and insight tools to manage and strategically update marketing campaigns on a daily basis.

Data analysis helps better target each initiative as well as enable you to gauge effeciveness. Track your results to see where your best leads are coming from and what tactics are working to bring them in – essentially all in real time. This level of flexibility means you aren’t stuck with outdated and ineffective printed materials or marketing channels that aren’t getting the job done (and still eating up resources).

With digital marketing, you stay relevant, maximize effectiveness, and your client base stays engaged.

Years ago, a small business simply would not be able to compete with larger corporations. Digital marketing has completely changed the playing field. Now, even mom-and-pop shops have an opportunity to grab their fair share of the market. With a well executed site and digital marketing strategy, small businesses can actually draw in more leads online than their larger competitors. Really, we’ve seen it happen!

6 out of 10 very small businesses have yet to establish an online presence and get a #website. Get the jump on your competition. #CobaltDigital Click To Tweet

Keep in mind that your industry is growing and changing daily. Every day that you delay implementing an aggressive online strategy is another day you let other companies gobble up your market share. If you haven’t already made a move, now is the perfect time for you eat your competitors’ lunch before they eat yours.

Don’t get left behind.

  1. Own your business reputation.

Whether you realize it or not (and whether you like it or not), your business has an online reputation – even if you didn’t start it.

When you consider that almost a quarter of online shoppers are influenced by social media recommendations, the importance of having a positive online reputation becomes very evident – and the effects of having a bad one even more glaring. It’s time to take control.

A complete digital marketing formula includes maximizing your social media presence across platforms for your business – be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a huge piece in managing your digital reputation by carefully tailoring and curating content and engagement to provide customers the best experience.

Plus, you can and should interact with your customers in real-time to further develop your rapport and connection with them. As previously mentioned, today’s consumers are drawn by experience and meaningful engagement.

Start developing a stronger relationship and customer service today.

  1. A digital marketing formula is more than marketing.

The right digital marketing formula is a strategic business solution. It combines the best data and tactics the digital world can offer with your business strategy. Sure, you can try some ppc, social media, blogging, or an seo initiative but the components aren’t nearly as powerful as when you thoughtfully combine them together.    Strategy, tactics and daily attention will maximize your online presence and return on marketing investment.  If this is more than you can fit on your to-do list, talk to us about how we can implement the Cobalt Formula™ for your business.

Let us help you achieve your digital marketing goals while you focus on running your company. You do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best!

Customers are online. Why aren’t you?

Let Cobalt Digital Marketing create the perfect digital marketing strategy to meet your objectives and help you real the real world rewards of amazing digital marketing effort.