Four Powerful Facebook Features That Will Bring All the Customers to the Yard

April 11th, 2018

So you want to expand your business’ visibility? Well, it can be a little difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, you have us, your friendly neighborhood digital marketing team. We’re ready to show you the ropes on how to succeed where others failed because they don’t get the guidance they needed.

One of our areas of expertise is Facebook ads and marketing. The way that Facebook targets potential customers for registered businesses is rather brilliant but still packaged in an easy to use interface. Check it out!

How does Facebook work?

Facebook is a large platform, catering to 2.13 billion active users per month. These astronomical numbers mean that there is plenty of opportunities for businesses to reach new demographics. But in order to get some of this action, you need to do a little Facebook marketing homework.

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Facebook includes an amalgam of many helpful tools that can get you to much greener business pastures. In essence, they use what you know about your customers to find more customers. Things like demographics, interests, or even buying behaviors can clue Facebook into the kind of customers that you attract. Utilizing their tools, you can search their user base for more people that fit the same criteria.

Cool, isn’t it?

That is a very simplistic explanation for a very complex process, but in general, there are four options that you can choose from Facebook’s audience selection tools to target the right people for your business.

1. Facebook Audience Insights

This feature provides insight into your target audience. Using this tool, you’ll be able to gather a plethora of attributes and information about your customers like interests, behaviors, relationship statuses, and more – the whole nine yards indeed.

While it may seem a little “Big Brotherish,” Audience Insights was created with privacy in mind. All of this information was collected by people that already had expressed interest in a product or service on Facebook or through trusted third-party partners.

In short, Facebook only knows groups of people that like a product or service, not the individual within that group. That means that while marketers can see insights, individual anonymity remains intact.

2. Core Audience

This feature gets down to the nitty-gritty of who your customers are by allowing you to select and specify them based on certain characteristics like age and/or location. For instance, if you are a produce vendor selling locally, you can market your product on Facebook by specifying your location to market, making you visible to more locals.

With Core Audience, you get to specify:

  • Demographic – Where you can find people that match a certain trait that you specify like age, gender, language, education, job title, and even relationship status.
  • Location – Here you can reach people that are within a certain proximity to your business. You can even create a radius around your store, helping to create more walk-ins.
  • Interests – You can search for customers based on what they’re in to, including hobbies, the type of entertainment that they prefer, Facebook likes, apps they use, and more.
  • Behaviors – You can even search for customers that have certain buying behaviors, device activities, events they like, personal anniversaries, or other activities.

With a little software savvy, taking advantage of these key features can bump up your bottom line significantly.

3. Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences can be constructed from information that you already have regarding your customers. By simply uploading your contact list, you can unlock a powerful capability. The custom audiences feature can help you pinpoint existing contacts that have shown interest in your business on Facebook.

By targeting people that you are already familiar with and connected to on Facebook, you are strengthening your relationship with them. As an added benefit, they can leave a positive review of your services – and believe us – that’s a good thing. But even a less than pleasant review can be used as a learning tool for how you can improve your customer service or product.

Ultimately, fostering these relationships can drive up sales, and that is ALWAYS a good thing! In order to maximize the effectiveness of this feature, you should refer to:

  • Loyal Customers: Reach out to — or friend — your current consumer base and potential prospects from your contact list on Facebook by drawing information like a phone number or email from your customer relationship management (CRM) systems to find them and close a sale.
  • Site Visitors: In short, people who visit your website are potential customers, and using Facebook Pixel—a small piece of code easily installed on your website—can aid you in creating a Custom Audience of people that have visited your website. You can then use the traffic data to show ads to previous visitors who had shown an interest in your service/product(s) before.
  • Mobile Users: Facebook SDK—another bit of code that you can easily install on your app—helps you create a Custom Audience from people that use your app, where you can encourage them to return to a product or service that they expressed an interest in purchasing.

These neat features give you that edge you need to follow up and close that sale, putting more money into your pocket.

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4. Lookalike Audiences

While it won’t help you find a clone of your ex, Lookalike Audience can help you find people on Facebook who share the same traits as your customers or contacts. This powerful feature uses the data and insights that you have collected from your marketing on Facebook to increase your chances of reaching others that may be interested in your business.

The neat thing about Lookalike Audience is you can use an already built customer audience to build a lookalike audience; all of the information that you’ve gathered in your CRM systems, traffic data from your websites, contact lists – you name it.

Social media can be complex, but it remains one the essential tools for any business in today’s tech-driven world. Get the digital marketing expertise of Cobalt Digital Marketing to help you step up your game!

Cobalt Digital Marketing has been helping businesses conquer online and in-store sales and we won’t stop until you have reaped the benefits of our hard work.

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