Twitter is Changing It up for The User’s Benefit

June 19th, 2018

Twitter recently announced that it will be making changes to certain features in an effort to improve user experience.

The company listened to user feedback, particularly about Explore, Search, Notifications, and Moments. Changes can be expected to roll out within the next few weeks to months. We here at Cobalt Digital Marketing have reviewed the changes and we think it may be a refreshing change to an aging social media platform.

Let’s Discuss the Changes

According to Keith Coleman, Twitter’s VP of product, Twitter has been working on how its users “discover all the information around news, events, and stories…”.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because Twitter has experimented with all of this before but just not in as broad a way.

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The Explore tab is currently organized according to content enjoyed by the user. With the new updates, this feature will now organize by topics instead of by content type. This change comes in an effort to customize the way users read news.




Beginning sooner than you think, this feature will bring related news, events, and stories to the top of your search results. Gone are the days of digging deeper and deeper into the search results to find something relevant to you. Now, with a quick search, you’ll be able to find out more quickly and efficiently.


Something else Twitter is cooking up with this change is on its “Happening Now” feature. Twitter will be adding a personalized breaking news section to the top of your timeline.

Twitter will also be improving this feature by adding to the breaking news notifications alerts based on your Twitter activity, keeping you in the know about the latest news.

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Lastly, navigation through Twitter’s Moments feature will be made easier. Where at first you had to swipe horizontally through Moments, the update will now switch it to a vertical swipe.

To keep in the spirit of the other changes, Moments will now reflect a recap timeline that shows you relevant tweets you may have missed. To add to that, this feature will show the latest tweets along with top commentary so that you can stay in the know on what other people are talking about. Live video will also be there too.

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