8 Reasons This Is The Formula To Get Holiday Sales

August 17th, 2018

Yes, it’s still August. But forward-thinking retailers (restaurateurs, hoteliers, and others) are already prepping for the upcoming holiday season.

With holiday retail spending expected to increase by 4.5% and e-commerce sales forecasted to grow by 15.3%, according to the National Retail Federation, all retail sales (both online and in-store) are projected to reach over $690 billion for the 2018 holiday season. That’s a lot of potential customers that you would be missing out on if you haven’t effectively capitalized on your digital marketing and online presence.

But perhaps even more important than simply having a digital marketing strategy, is having the right digital marketing strategy. At Cobalt Digital Marketing, we’ve seen our share of businesses dump thousands of dollars into agencies that didn’t have the slightest understanding of how to truly optimize their campaigns. That means wasted money and time.

If your digital marketing team isn’t effectively utilizing SEO strategies, off-site and on-site optimization techniques, content campaigns, PPC ads, social media campaigns, analytics, and A/B testing new tactics as platforms evolve, then….they aren’t doing their job very well.

In order to reap the biggest benefits from your marketing investment, you’ll need all these various components working together like one big, great machine.

Our experience has shown that an integrated digital marketing program consistently brings better results. Implementing this type of strategy now will ensure your digital presence is optimized to bring in more holiday sales. It’s time to get serious about your digital marketing.

Here’s how we can help.

1. We’ll get you found.

The digital world is perfect for consumers. It offers convenience, experience, and quality; attributes that play especially well to the hectic holiday season. When you are able to offer these features through your website and digital presence, you stand a great chance of drawing in potential clients.

And that’s where we step in. We utilize the most advanced SEO techniques to get you prime real estate on Google search results. Why Google?

Well, Google is the largest search engine in the world, accounting for 77% of market share (and growing). That means the vast majority of web users are searching for products and services through Google.

Plus, our talented SEO team knows how to take full advantage of local search engine optimization techniques to ensure local customers are able to find you easily, as well as mobile device users. With more than three-quarters of Americans owning a smartphone and using their mobile device for searching, shopping, social media and more, it is vital to your business to have these features in place.

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2. We can help you build your brand through content.

Did you know that Millennials and Gen X customers are twice as likely to be influenced by advertising in comparison to their older counterparts? That’s why building a brand is so essential to engaging with your target audience. Consumers and potential clients want to know that the brands they are purchasing from stand for something. They want a brand that is real and values their business.

We can create highly informative, engaging, and interesting digital content that will grow your company’s digital presence and brand. From attention-grabbing videos to dynamic blogs and articles, as well as captivating social media posts, we’ll get the right message in front of the right people.

Through analytics, we’ll make sure your clients have a personalized shopping experience that meets their expectations while providing targeted deals that will convert viewers into customers.

3. We’ll take back your business reputation.

It can be a tough pill to swallow but it’s the truth. Your business has a reputation online, even if it’s not one you created. While it’s hopefully a positive reputation, the reality is that if you haven’t been in control of your online brand, then it might’ve suffered at the hands of some not-to-happy clients (or even those dreaded trolls).

Keep this in mind, almost a quarter of online shoppers are influenced by social media recommendations. If your reputation is far from perfect, your business could be suffering the consequences. Take back control.

At Cobalt, we mix together the right ingredients and strategies to maximize your social media presence across all platforms relevant to your business, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other arena.

By carefully tailoring and curating content, we can improve your customers’ experience and your reputation at the same time.

Take back what is rightfully yours and develop a stronger relationship with your clients.

4. We are analytic assassins.

Digital marketing isn’t about throwing everything at the market to see what sticks (though experimentation is always a good thing).

Savvy marketers, like our catalysts at Cobalt Digital, know how to effectively use analytics in creative ways to manage and strategically update marketing campaigns in real-world time. Our team is all about innovation and adaptation, and we use analytics and the right tools to make sure we make the best decision for yourbusiness.

We use tools that allow us to track each initiative to gauge effectiveness. We track results and see where leads are coming from. We analyze which tactics are working best. This level of flexibility means you aren’t stuck with outdated and ineffective printed materials or marketing channels that aren’t getting the job done (and still eating up your financial resources).

We’re confident in our ability to kill it. That’s why we are analytic assassins.

5. Your success is our goal.

We get it. You have business goals and it’s our job to support you in reaching those milestones.

With the right digital marketing formula, we can enhance your online presence while helping to improve your conversion rates and reach those short-term or long-term business goals.

Are you looking to break into new markets? Do you want to drive traffic to your website to increase sales? Do you want to build your online reputation? Do you want to leverage your digital customer relationships to gather product insight and find enhanced customer experience opportunities?

We’ll help you define those objectives and create campaigns that hit the mark. Even though our expertise is in digital marketing, our objective is to help you improve on all aspects of your business.

6. We won’t waste your time (or your investment).

Your time and your finances matter to us. We know how much investment it takes to grow a business and we don’t want to waste any of those precious resources.

Even better, find some comfort in knowing that a digital marketing campaign can actually save you money versus going with traditional marketing channels like television, radio, and/or print. Not only that, but digital marketing generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing.

If that isn’t enticing enough, our Google certified PPC management professionals have the experience (and credentials) to ensure that we are maximizing your investment to the highest degree possible. This professional accreditation offered by Google demonstrates our expertise with Adwords and online advertising.

When it’s all said and done, you’re looking at a bigger bang for your buck.

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7. We can give you a fighting chance against larger competitors.

It’s a new day for small businesses. Digital marketing has given even the smallest mom-and-pops shop a fighting chance to grab their share of the market.

With a well-executed site and digital marketing strategy, small businesses can actually draw in more online leads than their larger competitors. We’ve seen it happen!

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Keep in mind that the business world is growing and changing daily. Every day that you delay implementing an aggressive online strategy is another day you let other companies gobble up your piece of the pie.

With the holiday season on the horizon, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

8. You need a formula. We deliver.

A Cobalt Digital Marketing formula is a well-tuned solution. We integrate tactics across platforms to maximize your online presence and your return on investment. From curated social media campaigns to mesmerizing PPC ads, ambitious SEO campaigns, fascinating content, and much more, we know how to make your digital marketing generate results.

Contact us to find out how our Cobalt Formula™ can mean more sales for your busines