Google Data Studio is Fresh Out of Beta

September 24th, 2018

Two years ago, Google revolutionized the data visualization game when their free platform, Google Data Studio, went into beta. Now, after quite a few tweaks and adjustments, the platform is now “generally available.

And with it comes plenty of ways that digital marketers, much like our catalysts at Cobalt Digital Marketing, can take advantage of gauging the effectiveness of their ad, social, or content marketing campaigns, giving you clear insight to what methods are succeeding and what others need improvement.

About Google Data Studio

Google Data Studios really shines in how it improves the user experience for visualizing, interacting and exploring data. Since 2016, the platform has been updated numerous times—especially between January and September 2018.

This innovative platform has become a big part of Google Marketing Platform (GMP), giving users easy access to data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, and more than 500 more data sources.

Users have the ability to combine data from multiple sources into a singular report, chart or table with data blending. It is also worth noting that with Data Studio, employees not only have the ability to share reports with each other, but they can also work on them in tandem, whether they are across the table or in another country.

What This Means For Your Bottom Line

Data Studio helps digital marketers draft more detailed reports that can be distributed to other members on the digital marketing team, speeding up the data collection and compilation process.

When compiled, Data Studio’s dashboard shows easy-to-read reports that can be used to better understand:

  1. User Experiences – By simply connecting your Google Analytics account to Data Studio, a dashboard is generated showcasing key areas that affect user experiences.
  2. Social Media Performances – A content analysis template can give you an easy read of a certain social media platform. With the ability to view key performances, like your top 5 most engaging posts, tailoring your social media marketing campaign has never been easier.
  3. Blog Content Performance – A single page report can help you understand which blog pieces and/or authors are making the biggest positive impact on your visitors. This is also accessible through a connection between Google Analytics and Data Studio.
  4. Online Advertising Performance – Data Studio can even be used to monitor your online advertising efforts in AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, or even Bing.

But don’t believe that all the benefits that Data Studio provides solely belong to digital marketers. These benefits cascade down into your business, giving you an incredible edge to remain competitive in today’s thriving digital market.

Faster data compilation means quicker reports on which aspects of your digital marketing campaign are working and which aren’t. Pinpointing problematic areas before they get out of hand—like an ad that isn’t generating a proper click-through rate because of ineffective copy—early can help correct them to maximize revenue-building potential.

More importantly, Google Data Studio can help you as a business owner make those critical business decisions with real-time, accurate data over multiple modules with less stress. That, in itself, makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t miss out on all the benefits that Google Data Studio can provide when coupled with an experienced digital marketing agency like Cobalt Digital Marketing.

At Cobalt Digital Marketing, we work hard to compile relevant data in order to make the best decisions when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns. Take charge of your digital marketing plan and contact us today at 956-303-6555 for more information on how your custom Cobalt Formula™ can positively affect your business.