How to Get More Customers Online: E-Commerce Strategies to Enhance Sales

October 10th, 2018

There are 5 areas of digital marketing that our Cobalt Digital Marketing catalysts focus on in order to attract quality traffic to our clients’ e-commerce websites.

This is information you can quite literally take to the bank. Check it out.


1. Paid Traffic

“You’ve got to spend money in order to make money.” We’ve all heard that one before. And it’s the truth — at least as far as digital marketing is concerned — that paid traffic is one of the best ways to generate sales leads for your e-commerce business.

Before we continue, however, there’s no need to hyperventilate. Sure, we’ve all heard the horror stories of paid traffic costing way too much, and/or netting zero returns, but hear us out for a minute. It’s all about:

      • Not spending so much on a campaign all at once. Effectively budgeting can help you to accomplish your paid traffic goals while keeping expenses to a minimum.
      • You may likely strike out on a particular ad campaign, but don’t get discouraged. You can always create another one. Experiment with copy, images, and what you are offering.
      • Creating multiple ad campaigns with variations. Then, monitoring their stats and metrics to see which ones work and which ones don’t.
      • Knowing your target audience so that you can use all of the nifty advanced targeting options that certain social media platforms carry. We’re talking about creating Buyers’ Personas; creating a quick survey of the people that signed up for your email list can help you create one.

By keeping these four tips in mind, paid traffic won’t cost your business as much as you fear it would, while still netting you a solid return.

2. Blogging

We’re not talking about writing a review on your personal blog. No, business blogging has taken the digital marketing world by storm, bringing in quality traffic to e-commerce websites.

This widely successful strategy is used by digital marketing agencies the world over because, if done right, it can grab a lot of attention through proper keyword usage that matches search queries.

However, while it is true that blogging may attract traffic to your site, you can’t just rely on a single piece to sustain your business. Like your ad campaigns, you’ve got to constantly track the effectiveness of your blogs as part of your online marketing efforts. You’ve got to see what works and fix what doesn’t.

You’ve also got to focus on delivering factual and helpful information on your blogs. The last thing you would want to happen is for a customer to not complete your call-to-action or to abandon their cart after reading your blog because they didn’t receive enough valuable information about your product.

This can negatively affect your bounce rate and your average session duration, in turn, causing you to lose ranking with Google. Lose ranking with Google and your website becomes less relevant and visible, and that means less potential customers.

3. Social Media Marketing

In some instances, social media can seem like the Wild West to the inexperienced, but to an experienced digital marketing agency — like Cobalt Digital Marketing — it’s about understanding that certain rules and decorum must be adhered to at all times.

What does that mean?

      1. Politeness and manners are appreciated.
      2. Expert knowledge and charisma win over customers.
      3. Foul language turns people off to your brand.

Adhering to these easy-to-follow standards helps to establish your brand and your business as a trusted source of information with dependable products or services. Social media marketing also improves customer relations and communication, fulfilling their need to be heard should they have any feedback to give.

People that appreciate the customer service provided and trust in your company are more likely to visit your website and buy your product. At the end of the day, you just can’t run an effective digital marketing campaign without social media marketing, full stop.

4. Referrals

Developing a referral system does take some work to make it a viable source of clients. To be truly successful, your business must:

      1. Focus on making a great product or service at an affordable price.
      2. Provide legendary customer service (or at least excellent).

These two areas are what really make an impression on your customers. A happy customer is a talking customer, and word of mouth marketing is the best type of marketing there is. Why?

It can be a challenge for a company to sell a product to, what is essentially, a complete stranger. But if you’ve got a customer putting rubber to the road and telling their friends about your great, affordable product and your excellent, friendly, and informative customer service, these other potential clients will trust your customer’s judgment. This sparks interest in your brand.

Want to be even more appealing? Create a referral marketing program. If you already have a system in place — say through a referral marketing software or email list — the process can be automated and used to encourage existing customers to spread the word for a reward like a discount or free item on their next purchase. Get creative!

5. Email Marketing

Another cost-effective marketing strategy, email marketing utilizes many of the strategies listed above into a single digital marketing package.

A quick email to those in your email list can inform clients of:

      1. New products
      2. Sales or promotions
      3. Recommended products
      4. Similar product to ones purchased before
      5. Customer discounts for those that have not made any recent purchases
      6. Tips or interesting insight about the product or service they purchased

All of these show that you appreciate your customers, and returning customers are important to generating a sustainable revenue stream. An appreciated customer will also voice their satisfaction to others, read your blog, follow you on social, and open your emails—which will increase your click-through rate as a nice side bonus.

The Cobalt Formula™ takes full advantage of all these marketing channels to attract traffic to your e-commerce website, improve business conversion rates, and reinforce earned revenue potential.

And it all starts by contacting us at 956-303-6555 and building your custom Cobalt Formula™ with our digital marketing specialists today.