Top Four Digital Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

December 3rd, 2018

It’s that time of year when businesses around the nation (and around the world) begin looking at the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns and start planning appropriate strategy changes for the upcoming year.

Your catalysts at Cobalt Digital Marketing are anticipating what changes the industry has in store so that we can improve on our Cobalt Formulaᵀᴹ ahead of time to help our clients reap the biggest advantages from their digital marketing plan.

What 2019 has in store for brands around the world is just bonkers, so you’ll want to stick around and read this.

Digital Marketing Trends to Keep on Eye out for in 2019

  1. More Brands Will Utilize Virtual and Augmented Reality
  2. Pokémon Go changed the augmented reality game — figuratively and literally speaking — when it launched a few years back. In 2019, plenty of opportunities will present themselves as AR technology continues to improve. While virtual reality has generally been associated with video games, the future for AR is actually gearing itself to be a more serviceable tool for brands looking to improve their customers’ experience.

    Take, for instance, IKEA. The furniture giant has been playing around with this type of technology since 2016 when they released their Virtual Reality Kitchen. Now, the company is working on an AR application that will allow users to see how a product will look like in their home before buying it.

    Nickelodeon is also throwing their hat onto the AR and VR table by adding an AR mode in their mobile app. That’s not all, however. In an effort for the brand to connect to their audience, the famed company — in collaboration with IMAX — have launched SlimeZone, a VR playground of sorts.

    And that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is expected that many other brands are developing their own applications and tools to enhance the user experience through AR and VR.

  3. Voice Will Solidify Its Top Spot as a Search Marketing Tool
  4. There are waves being made in the world of digital marketing and that’s being caused by the growing trend of voice search. In fact, voice search is getting so big that ComScore estimates that by 2020 half of all search queries will be voice-based.

    And you can bet that digital marketers will be jumping at the opportunities this brings. To do so, digital marketers are going to have to roleplay a bit (alongside effectively utilizing data) to scrutinize what potential customers might say in voice search versus how they would type that same query into a search bar.

    More than likely, that’ll mean written content will need to be delivered in a more conversational tone that hits the tone of a typical voice search.

    Since voice search is becoming bigger by the minute, you can bet mobile optimization is too. With 80 percent of Internet users owning a smartphone and 88 percent of consumers who search for a specific type of local business on a mobile device calling or going to that business within 24 hours, it is absolutely essential that you get your website optimized for mobile NOW.

    As word accuracy improves, customers’ needs will be met. For brands that embrace this technology, a happy customer is a paying customer.

  5. Better AI Hitting the Mainstream
  6. Next year will be the year of Artificial Intelligence. Even though simple AI has been around for quite some time now, 2019’s focus will be on improving its interactions with, well, humans.

    While most major brands have experimented with AI and its machine learning (ML) applications, the quality of AI has just missed the mark. Yes, chatbots and other robotic automation processes may perform adequately, but now brands are now looking to improve that experience to better serve their customers while providing increased productivity and efficiency.

    It is expected that come 2019, AI-powered tech will create customer-centric marketing.

    As marketers, our goal is to see how we can then use AI to analyze what exactly costumers are consuming – whether it is content marketing, customer support, or technical documents, or user-generated content. With this data, smart AI-powered applications can help your business target preferred audiences accurately.

  7. Video Content Will Seize the Day (More Like Year)
  8. Cisco released research for forecast and trends that estimates that by 2020, 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be video — and brands are looking to capitalize on this.

    So much can be done with video content from a brand’s perspective; with the ability to disseminate information at a much faster pace than a traditional blog, videos do a much better job at capturing a website visitor’s attention.

    Video content can also be used for live events that your business may be hosting –  or even a behind-the-scenes look. This offers a level of transparency that will allow your customers to better relate to the brand and develop positive relationships with it.

    If perfected, video content can reap a bevy of benefits. HubSpot stated that by adding a relevant video to an email, your click-through rate can increase by 200-300 percent. A video on a landing page is more likely to boost up those conversion rates by 80 percent as well.

    Moving forward, brands would do well to be original and imaginative in their video marketing campaigns, creating inspiring and exciting video content that will earn customers’ trust and business.

Getting ahead of the digital marketing game is what Cobalt Digital is all about. And 2019 is looking like it won’t disappoint.

If your business closed out this year a little less than you had expected, now is the time to take a preemptive approach by enlisting the aid of Cobalt Digital Marketing to get you to higher revenue peaks in 2019.

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