Digital Marketing In 2020 and Beyond: Cobalt Catalysts Boost Performance Standards

November 30th, 2020

Digital Marketing In 2020 and BeyondWhen you begin structuring a digital marketing plan, aligning yourself with a company that embraces growth and innovation is a critical first step toward securing the best return on investment for your products or services. Marketing is the practice of connecting with your audience at the right time, and with data showing 87% of buyers search for products to buy online, digital marketing has become one of the most valuable investment tools needed to reach this enormous market size.

Leveraging digital channels including search engines, social media, email, and other websites are avenues to reach existing and prospective customers, but alone, it’s not enough to maximize your business’s potential. Cobalt Digital Marketing has dedicated Cobalt Catalysts who focus on maximizing performance across platforms offering our clients the best ROI, and we are a Google Partner Agency.

The Benefits Of Working Alongside A Google Partner Agency

Teaming up with a Google Partner Agency, you gain greater confidence knowing you’re working with the best of the best. As a Google Partner, we track the latest trends and stay up to date with the latest product information to generate optimal results for our clients. How does this impact you? Through our experience, in tandem with our Google Ads product certifications, we provide the best Google Ads service for your business, and myriad of additional benefits including:

  • Tracking the Latest PPC Information: The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and a successful campaign strategy centers on staying on top of these changes and structuring a digital marketing plan that reflects the latest industry trends and developments. To maintain Google partner status, our agency undergos recertification exams to ensure our Catalysts have the skills and knowledge needed to drive your business needs forward.
  • We Use the Same Tools Available to Our Clients: Our success comes from working with businesses who trust us in bringing advanced strategies to ensure successful campaigns that resonate with consumers. At Cobalt Digital Marketing, we use these same strategies that make us an industry leader.
  • Offering Exceptional Service: As a Google Partner company, we comply with Google standards to maintain partnership status, which acts as an added layer to the already notable level of service Cobalt Digital Marketing extends to our clients.
  • Access to Beta Features: Prior to granting broad public access, Google tests numerous features such as the latest updates to Google’s Google Ads system. As a Google Partner agency, we have access to these beta features which we integrate into our clients digital campaigns. Doing so gives our customers an advantage over their competition.
  • Working Directly with Google: Working with us offers a direct line to the top search engine platform. As a Google Partner agency, Cobalt Digital Marketing works with a dedicated team offering direct communication to address topics pertinent to meeting the needs of our clients.

The Future Of Digital Marketing Remains Bright

While 2020 has been a roller coaster year for industries across the nation, one constant has been the exponential growth across the digital space. This year has seen our customers ad budgets expand on platforms such Google, social media, and OTT. Why is this important? It’s important because it signals our targeted messaging strategies lead to improved brand building. This coupled with our Cobalt Formula™ has been proven across industries to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Having earned specialization in search ads and display ads, Cobalt Digital Marketing has the demonstrated expertise and sustained client performance that tells our customers we work hard to earn the trust of each and every business we serve. Blending website design, optimization techniques, and superior content with advanced data strategies, we’ve been able to learn all aspects of our clients needs and profitably fulfill them.

Creating customized content for conversion is another important aspect of what we do. As we’ve seen companies evolve and adapt to “new normals” in 2020, we haven’t missed a beat. Our success rests on yours, so we use every tool at our disposal to offer a multichannel approach that bolsters your business’s conversions.

Offering the Cobalt Formula™, we provide the know-how and experience needed for businesses of all sizes to be competitive and win within the digital landscape and beyond. Do you want to explore your company’s potential and learn about how our Cobalt Catalysts can help strengthen your brand’s awareness to a broad reach of consumers? Take the next step to giving your business a significant advantage over the competition alongside a team that employs creativity and ingenuity as part of their A game.

Our digital marketing strategies offer endless opportunities for continuous growth, and we forge strong business relationships with our clients to ensure they’re fully engaged in seeing the demonstrable results we offer.

Contact us to receive your digital marketing proposal, and let’s get started and work together to maximize your company’s ROI.