Google Trends 2020: The Year in Search

December 18th, 2020

Digital Marketing In 2020 and Beyond

2020 was a year marked by change and uncertainty amid a global pandemic. And if you’re like so many countless Americans, you likely spent more time at home than ever before. Thankfully, throughout 2020, technology gave us access to all the happenings going on around us, even if at times it felt like we were alone. 

When seen through the lens of Google Trends, 2020 can be summed up by analyzing data compiled from Google’s top searches throughout the year.  From how to make hand sanitizer at home to ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, Americans demonstrated their curiosity for a range of topics and issues, and an eagerness to stay connected.

What We Googled in 2020

Among the trending keywords and searches in 2020 were:

Cobalt Digital: Your Google Partner

If this year taught us anything, it’s that we rely heavily on the internet and online-based digital technologies to stay informed about the things we’re passionate about and on matters that impact our lives. Technology has the power to influence our decisions, pique our interests, and transports us to broader knowledge that we can apply to our day-to-day lives. 

Cobalt Digital Marketing understands this and has helped countless clients achieve success by maximizing online opportunities including brand building to generate traffic, leads, and sales. Using our proven Cobalt Formula™, our digital marketing strategies work across industries to include big data analysis, advanced SEO, UX optimization, the path to conversion, social media management, and cross-platform digital ads with the singular purpose of ensuring our clients’ businesses stand out from the competition. 

Our formulas are specially designed and strategically priced to help businesses of any size get found online. As a certified Google Partner agency, our expertise translates to improved opportunities to succeed for each and every client. Gaining great Google rankings through our robust digital marketing strategies is just one way we create a pathway to offer your business the highest ROI. 

Our Cobalt Catalysts use a wealth of knowledge to help you advance and innovate. Coupled with our Cobalt Formula™, we work tirelessly to ensure there’s no limit to your business’ reach. As we wind down 2020, have you asked yourself…what do you look forward to in the coming new year? 

Whether you’re a small to midsize business just getting off the ground, or you’re an established company looking to explore exciting opportunities available through a solid and game-changing digital marketing plan, the Cobalt Digital Marketing team is here to help you achieve the best results!

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