Spooky Content Marketing Myths Debunked by Cobalt Digital

October 25th, 2023

It’s officially spooky season, and nothing is scarier than content marketing misconceptions! Myths about content marketing can turn your business down a dark path towards gloomy marketing returns.

This Halloween, Cobalt Digital’s content experts are debunking some truly spooky myths about content marketing. Keep reading to learn the truth from a real content fiend!

Myth: AI Is Coming for Your Content!

Let’s face it, AI is a bit spooky! Right now, it seems like everything is being replaced by AI-created content! Well, the good news is that the robot apocalypse is not upon us. While there are some things that AI is definitely good at, creating unique SEO-driven content that reflects the personality of your business is not one of those things. Don’t worry, the human touch in your content is still going to stand out.

Myth: Once You Publish It, It’s Signed in Blood

Hitting “publish” on a piece of content can be a bit stressful, but it shouldn’t be scary! Publishing isn’t a one-and-done kind of deal. After you publish a piece of content, you can still come back to it to make any needed adjustments. In fact, haunting your content—by revisiting it—is a must! You can take old content and revise it to be promoted in new ways for new opportunities.

Myth: Text Content Is the One True Ruler of the Web

Is text-based content looming in your nightmares? Not to fear! It’s not the be-all-end-all of content marketing. While text content certainly serves an important purpose, the visual content you create and share will be just as important for drawing in new customers and increasing customer loyalty.

Myth: More, More, More! Always More!

More, more, more! It might seem like you can never have enough fresh brains—eh-hem, we mean content—but that isn’t so! While it’s certainly important to provide your readers with the information they need, content bloat is a real problem, and it can stand between your business and making a connection with a customer. You don’t have to swarm the web with content: the right pieces in the right places will do the trick.

Myth: Content Marketing Is a Sprinter, Not a Lurker

When it comes to content marketing, you won’t be sprinting, you’ll be lurking. Content marketing isn’t like flipping a switch, you don’t see immediate results. In order to start seeing returns from your content marketing, you’ll need to establish a backlog of effective content that shows users—and search engines—that you’re reliable.

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