The 5 Pillars of Search Engine Optimization: Making Content That Ranks

February 16th, 2024

Here at Cobalt Digital Marketing, all of our content is carefully crafted to maximize its potential for search engine optimization (SEO). That means we’re always working to make sure our clients are ranking higher and more often. To achieve that goal, we create content supported by the five pillars of SEO: localization, usefulness, topical authority, relevance, completeness, and search intent.

Keep reading to learn more about how our McAllen SEO content is formulated, and remember that we can put this expertise to work maximizing your business’s online potential to get you more customers and more sales.

1. Usefulness

The foundation of all great content is usefulness. Especially in the age of AI-generated content, the way to stand out and make search engine algorithms happy is by actually making high-quality content that answers questions your customers are asking. We ensure our content is useful by gathering extensive data on what your customers are searching for and how those queries can be best satisfied.

2. Localization

After usefulness, the next most basic part of SEO is localization. To put it simply, localization means creating content that is targeted for a specific geographic location or region. Localization largely comes down to how and when city and county names are used in a given piece of content. For instance, including a city name near other powerful keywords is a great way to boost your SEO performance in that area.

3. Relevance and Search Intent

Next, we consider the relevance of a piece of content to the user given their search intent. For instance, if a piece of content is meant to serve as a high-ranking result for the search query, “How to check for utilities on a property,” that piece of content should focus entirely on that topic and not stray into topics that aren’t relevant to the search. 

On the other hand, if a piece of content is meant to satisfy the query, “Texas land for sale”, then it should have a clear avenue to direct the user toward actual properties on the market. 

Our team optimizes for relevance and search intent using their extensive experience crafting SEO-focused content.

4. Completeness

Along with being relevant to the search query, content should also serve as a complete answer to that query. To build on the example given above, a blog on the question of “How to check for utilities on a property” needs to provide the user with all of the information required to answer that question. We optimize for completeness by carefully checking our content for any clear or subtle gaps.

5. Topical Authority

Finally, the fifth pillar that supports exceptional SEO content is topical authority. Topic authority refers to a site’s credibility and expertise on a subject or industry. To build topical authority, we craft a web of interconnected content that shows our knowledge and reliability on the relevant subject.

Get More Customers and More Sales With McAllen SEO Services

No matter what industry you may be in, SEO can help your business thrive and grow. Search engine optimization is the key to getting your site in front of more interested customers. 

If you want to start seeing a difference in your business, reach out to the team of McAllen SEO experts at Cobalt Digital Marketing to learn how we can help you. McAllen SEO services can help your business succeed. 

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