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So, how exactly do we use digital marketing to beat your competitors? The answer lies in our comprehensive services, carefully engineered to harness your online presence.



When you hear the word branding, you probably immediately think of your logo. Yes, branding can include your logo, but it can be used for more than that! We can adjust your brand to grab your customer’s attention through your social media personality and your website’s style. 


Local SEO

The higher you rank in Google results, the better it is for your business success. We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you list higher. When your customers search keywords, like attorneys, fashion boutiques, or pharmacies in McAllen, we include these words in your online presence to help boost your Google listing. 


Link Building

The goal isn’t to just get your target audience on your website but to keep them there. The longer they stick around, the more likely they will become customers. At Cobalt, we use link building to guide your customers around your site, show off who you are, and how you can meet their needs. It’s a simple yet effective way to encourage customers to browse your website. 


Content Writing

Content is a big part of your online presence! It shows who you are and what your business can do for your customers. But that means every word needs to be exact. Sound overwhelming? It may be, but our content team has your back by carefully planning, writing, and editing content that can be used on your blogs, social media posts, and website. 


Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fantastic way to connect to your target audience, whether they’re new or loyal customers. Almost everyone has a social media presence, and you can share your business with them. From announcing news, creating posts, building your profile, or designing ads, our catalysts can help you complete your social media persona. 


OTT Advertising

Ads are useful for drawing attention to new products, announcing sales, or showing your services. While traditional marketing can work to promote your business, you can also try Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising. This method can reach your target audience by grabbing their attention on any device, including their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Data Analytics

In the digital world, data is everything. Our catalysts constantly search the data to find new keywords, ideas, and content. We then implement this new information into your next project, whether content, OTT ads, or social media marketing.


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Expand Your Online Presence in McAllen, The Bi-National City You Call Home! 


McAllen is an excellent strategic location for businesses! With the Mexican border so close, many companies find McAllen to have great resources for expansion and growth. In fact, it’s the top city for job creation in all of Texas! That growing economy means there is more and more competition. With the help of SEO strategies, you can use the digital world to beat out some of those competitors and rise to the top!


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Our Rewards and Recognitions


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Cobalt Digital Marketing Services Can Make the Difference  


Overcome marketing challenges by leaving digital marketing in our experienced and trustworthy hands while you focus on what you do best: running your business.


Proven Results

Our Cobalt team isn’t new to the digital marketing game. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Our expertise can help you achieve small business success through the digital world.


100% Transparency

Honesty and success go hand-in-hand. We strongly believe that to help you achieve your business goals, we must be honest about our digital marketing strategies. You won’t be hidden from our plans and ideas; instead, you can control precisely what is shared on your online presence. 


Data-Based Methods

Our methods aren’t based on guesswork; they’re held up by data. The data we cultivate tells us exactly what we can do next to grow your online presence through targeted ads, keywords, and branding. 


Geo-Diverse Team

Our entire digital marketing team isn’t actually located in McAllen but is spread across North America. This allows our diverse team to come together, share their talents, and serve our clients in the most effective and amazing way. 


Clear Consistent Communication

While we may have the experience you need to improve your online presence, we still want to hear your ideas and dreams. Ultimately, this business is yours, and we aim to help you succeed! Our team wants to help you feel excited about your marketing plan through open communication and regular check-ins.  


Our Accreditation and Certifications


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Cobalt Digital Marketing: Serving a Variety of Clients in McAllen! 


Digital marketing isn’t limited to a specific type of product or service. From political campaigns to fashion boutiques, Cobalt Digital Marketing proudly serves business owners like you in McAllen, Texas!


  • Political Campaigns
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Family Law
  • Defense Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Agriculture
  • Local Restaurants
  • B2B
  • Accounting
  • Fashion
  • Home Goods


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