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In this day and age, it’s no secret that ‘trends’ are no longer born on the streets. With powerhouses such as social media and popular television shows, the key to piquing the interest of the viewing public lies in something as simple as a meme, the brief mention of a brand or a newly coined term. Kukoo for Cocobolo If you’re a fan of Better...
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Friday afternoon across the United States there was a resounding chorus of “Ugggg! There goes my bracket!”. The social media channels lit up with posts, tweets, snaps and memes! Even my 9 year old lamented “There goes my Lambourghini!”. How could the numbers have been wrong? How did 15th seed Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders defeat #2 seed Michigan State in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament?...
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After spending an embarrassing amount of time binge watching House of Cards this past weekend, I have arrived at the conclusion that there is a lot to learn about marketing from the Underwoods. Really, it’s not a stretch. Look at the powerful image Frank Underwood was able to build. Ok, I concede it was built upon a foundation of lies, manipulation and murder but let’s...
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