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Digital Marketing In 2020 and Beyond
When you begin structuring a digital marketing plan, aligning yourself with a company that embraces growth and innovation is a critical first step toward securing the best return on investment for your products or services. Marketing is the practice of connecting with your audience at the right time, and with data showing 87% of buyers search for products to buy online, digital marketing has become...
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Cobalt Justice, a new addition to our award-winning Cobalt Formulaᵀᴹ, can make all the difference in giving your firm’s website the attention it deserves. We want you to be able to have your complete focus on your clients while we take care of the rest, marketing wise.This formula was designed specifically for the law industry, where we implement winning digital marketing strategies, campaigns, tools, and...
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Negative reviews: If you’ve been in business long enough, chances are you probably have one. No big deal or is it? While the impact of one or two negative reviews can be minute, a handful of negative reviews can hurt your site and your Google ranking. In a nutshell, your negative reviews have the potential to drive customers away. Alarming Algorithms Google has over 200...
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While we have a great inkling as to what elements Google looks for when ranking your website, you should be knowledgeable about what factors don’t count towards your ranking. Knowing what factors won’t impact your Google search ranking is important. It can help you concentrate on the areas of your website that you need to maintain, especially if you’re stretched for time. Keep in mind...
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Many of life’s lessons are layered in silver linings. For many of us, these uncertain times have taught us that we just need to refocus our vision. The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many customers to shop online–whether it’s for retail therapy or obtaining much-needed essentials–using their purchasing power as a means to adjust to their everyday lives. From buying cars to online curbside pickup,...
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