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For the longest time, there has been an ongoing debate among fellow SEO experts and webmasters about the importance of adding relevant content links from established websites to your own page, and whether or not it has any positive effects on your SEO ranking within Google’s algorithm.  Linking content out to other websites is extremely common, but the main idea behind doing so revolves around...
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During the first week of December, Google Ads rolled-out a new beta feature that will allow users to see what changes are being made performance-wise within your Google Ads campaign(s). This new beta-feature, referred to as “Explanations,” was developed with the overall objective to save users time by getting straight to the point with precise performance change analytics and diagnosis – all in a single...
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  At its heart, pay-per-click advertising in one of the fundamental tools needed to get to the top of Google’s search results. By strategically bidding on the proper keywords, you can see substantial traffic to your website from individuals looking for the specific product or service your PPC ad is promoting. Not sure what the best strategies are for making your PPC ad effective? Worried...
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Whenever Google rolls out with a core update to its search algorithm, it’s usually a big deal for businesses, institutions, and digital marketers alike. As per usual, however, mum’s the word regarding a recent update to their search algorithm or how it might ultimately affect search engine optimization (SEO). Usually, that’s for us catalysts to find out. Our McAllen digital marketers at Cobalt Digital Marketing...
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Is your passion to run a successful business? Does the marketing process confuse and overwhelm you? Would you rather automate that whole process so you can focus on what truly matters within your business while increasing that revenue stream? Good news, you can! Gone are the days of expensive traditional marketing costs that might help you break even on your return of investment. Now, through...
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