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Digital Event Promotion Services

Corporate and non-profit events are critical for brand-building and fundraising but pulling off the perfect event is never easy. There are boards, logistics, budgets, catering, deadlines, venue staff, ticket sales, and what feels like a million other tasks. The most critical element, actual promotion of the event itself, is perhaps the most overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Cobalt Digital is a team of experienced digital marketers. We’ve found that our Cobalt Formula™ works particularly well for event promotion. We partner with companies, organizations, and nonprofits to market expos, galas, fundraisers, festivals, meetings, and more. We know how to integrate cutting-edge digital marketing tools to successfully reach your target audience(s) and help you:

Attract Sponsors

Sponsorship is a huge component of many events. Securing your sponsors early on can help you to plan accordingly and deliver the best event possible.

Increase Ticket Sales

We know sales matter and our primary focus is to increase ticket sales so that your event can be as successful as possible.

Enhance Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement starts months before the event. Build up excitement and interest and let your attendees help you spread the word.

Improve Your Social Presence

We are a data-driven team and we’ll use every bit of information available to ensure you are found and seen on the social media platforms most relevant to your event.

E-commerce Capabilities

Make it easier on potential attendees to purchase tickets conveniently online. We’ll create an amazing landing page with impeccable CTAs to drive tickets sales and increase revenue.

Brilliant Branding

Everything we do is designed to build your brand and the quality of your event in the eyes of your attendees, sponsors, and audience. We want you to grow year over year and our Event Promotion services will help you do just that.

Our Partnerships

We’ve been honored to work with a number of organizations, nonprofits, and businesses to promote their events including: 

McAllen Business Expo 2018

  • Generated nearly $1,750 in online sales. Up from $0 the previous year.
  • Sold out all booths 3 entire weeks before the event.
  • Reached more than 10,000 people through Facebook Event.
  • Brought together 152 businesses.
  • Reached 100,000 people with display ads.
  • Drew in thousands of attendees.



The Children’s Advocacy Center’s Vinos 2018

  • Generated over $7000 in online sales. Up from $0 the previous year.  
  • Updated website for e-commerce capabilities and mobile responsiveness.
  • Reached more than 24,000 people through social media (Facebook).  
  • Grew social page by 8%.
  • Increase organic traffic by 73% over the previous period.



The Cobalt Formula™ has been streamlined and optimized for event promotion. Our 8-Week Event Promotion Program ranges from $2500 to $5000 depending upon scope and tactics. The program includes:


Short. Sweet. Strong. We’ll create the landing page you need to attract the audience you want. We top it all off with e-commerce capabilities so attendees can quickly purchase their tickets online.


Our digital display experts will create unbelievable ads that will be shown across appropriate websites and social media platforms.


We leverage analytics to create a customizable social campaign that will reach 1,000s of potential attendees and increase conversions.


Live feed coverage of your event is sure to keep your audience engaged and help enhance your brand. Share the fun!


Start promoting for next year’s event with an event recap. We create quality content including blogs, videos, and social posts, to continue driving interests after the event is over. Get ahead.


Our Cobalt Formula™ enables us to strategically target sponsors and/or attendees for corporate and non-profit events. We build brand visibility and produce measurable results.

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