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Are you ready to enhance your online marketing plan? An email marketing campaign is the perfect platform to to directly contact your customers. Retain and convert customers while increasing revenue through results-driven messages and Calls-To-Action. Digital marketing that excels. It’s what we do.

About This Service

Our Cobalt Formula™ and Email Marketing services work for companies of all sizes. We work to efficiently integrate email marketing into your larger marketing campaign and deliver targeted messages to the right audience. We make sure to capture metrics to enhance messaging, increase clicks, and raise profits. Cobalt’s Email Marketing services include:


✔ Email Strategizing ✔Brand Development ✔Email Data Analysis & Reporting
✔Curated Email Marketing Content ✔Newsletter Creation & Management ✔Refinement
✔Customer Segmentation ✔Email List Management ✔Facebook Retargeting

Don’t settle for less.

Whether B2B or B2C, your clients are hungry for exciting, informative, and engaging pieces. Don’t flood their inboxes with dull content, when you can draw them in with results-oriented emails that will increase your prospects and your sales.

We utilize the Cobalt Formula™ to maximize your email campaign results. From initial campaign strategizing to A/B testing, analysis, refinement, and retargeting, Cobalt Digital is with you every step of the way.

Drive sales up with Cobalt Email Marketing

We know how to grow your client list and utilize email marketing to increase revenue and grow your business. Come find out what the Cobalt difference is.

Campaign Strategy

  • A/B Testing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign Design Per Cycle
  • Measure Results

List Management

  • Manage List Permissions
  • Manage List
  • Deliver Quality Content
  • Increase Audience Reach


  • Aggregate Data
  • Check For Personalization & Copy
  • Analyze Mobile Optimization
  • Refine


  • Custom Design
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Analyze Efficiency
  • Update

Keyword Optimized

We mine through data to find exactly what consumers want. And then deliver it to them.

Competitive Analysis

We understand your competitors so we can improve your message to improve click-through rates and user engagement.

Landing Pages

We deliver meaningful content through emails and couple those with strong landing pages to increase conversion rates.


Our work is never done. We analyze big data to retarget email campaigns for optimal reach.

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