Grow your agency. Maximize profitability.
Outsource Content, SEO, & PPC to The Cobalt Lab.

Our Team Is


Low Cost

Bilingual, bicultural

Google certified

And full of hustle

You Grow, We Deliver

The team that developed the Cobalt Formula™ brings a new digital marketing solution to agencies, boutique firms, and freelancers. Introducing The Cobalt Lab. Digital Marketers always struggle with hiring, training, flexing staffing to fluctuating client needs. We are your solution. The Cobalt Lab is staffed with content writers, SEO experts, and Google certified PPC ad managers.


Local SEO focus includes optimized Google Map Listing


Single keyword focus includes optimized Google Map
listing, onsite coding, one piece of custom written content and up to 15 links each month


Keyword plus longtail variations includes optimized Google Map Listing, onsite coding, weekly custom written
content and 15-30 links each month

The Cobalt Lab provides:

  • On Page SEO strategies and tactics
  • Off Page SEO strategies and tactics
  • Content writing including SEO and marketing focused page
  • content, blog posts, landing pages, FAQ’s etc.
  • Spanish language custom written content and/or translation
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Call tracking
  • Form tracking


Outsourcing minimizes overhead which can make you a lean, mean, flexible digital marketing machine. Outsourcing to The Cobalt Lab brings you two more big advantages:

Lower Cost

The Cobalt Lab is located in South Texas on the border of Mexico which enables us to offer low costs prices which represent significant cost reductions for agencies across the US and Canada.

Better Quality

We deliver quality work, on time.


No need to manage multiple contractors. We will provide a Project Manager so you will have one point of contact.

Partner Pricing

Cobalt Green

  • English content 1300 words or more: .08/word
  • English content under 1300 words: $80 per piece
  • Spanish content or translation .10/word

Content Rush Charges

  • Overnight: $100 per piece
  • 3 day: $50 per piece

Comprehensive Seo

  • Green $300
  • Yellow $600
  • Blue $1000

PPC / Digital Ad Management

  • 15% Monthly Ad budget $5000-$10000
  • 10% Monthly Ad budget $10000 +