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Christine Carranza



My fondest memories from childhood include scrapbooking, writing lyrics in journals, and making crafts out of makeshift art supplies. An early passion for art later transcended into a hobby of dancing.

For eleven years of my life, I competed in hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and other dance genres. Dance was my truest form of self-expression throughout childhood. I truly believed my future occupation was as some pop idol’s back up dancer.

I was a mega nerd in high school and participated in about a million clubs. As Co-Editor in Chief of the Wolverine yearbook, I collaborated with my peers to develop a project that portrayed the true wolverine spirit through photography and writing. This experience really sparked my interest in journalism.

After completing an Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts during high school, I went on to study English and Writing at the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently a senior working on my bachelor’s degree. Having the opportunity to write while studying has pushed me to use my existing knowledge of writing while expanding upon my skill set.

I spend my free time collaging fashion magazines, editing pictures, and repurposing thrift clothing items. I am really interested in clothing design, but I think writing is my gateway into a variety of creative spaces.

I’m lucky to be able to use my passion to contribute to the collaborative stream of content creation at Cobalt Digital Marketing. It is very inspiring to see each individual contribute their talents to developing quality content. I love what I do and can only see a future in writing and other endeavors that allow me to truly express my creative abilities.


Creative Writing95%
Magazine Collaging91%