Santa Anna Apartment Homes Case Study

Real Estate Industry

Technology has completely transformed real estate and, in particular, the apartment rental industry. The days of relationship selling have passed. “More than 90 percent of people looking for their next living situation are searching online first and more than 60 percent are looking on mobile.” This requires a strong brand presence, micro-targeted digital marketing, real time customer service, and top-notch reputation management.

Project Detail

The asset management group for Santa Anna Apartment Homes approached the Cobalt team when the apartment complex was under construction. They had a brand new website with no traffic and a lot of apartments to rent.

We implemented the Cobalt Formula™ to build their brand and increase awareness using SEO, content and social media. Santa Anna did not use any traditional marketing avenues. They put 100% of their marketing budget into digital marketing. We were able to position Santa Anna on page one of the search results within 3 months and got them to the top spots for designated keywords in six months! We supported their marketing effort from Grand Opening to Sold Out and then in an ongoing basis to keep the pipeline of potential new residents full.

ClientSanta Anna Apartments
Cobalt Formula™Cobalt Yellow

Catalyst Formula

The Cobalt Formula™ is designed to perform optimally with the right analytics and metrics feeding into our system. Using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Auction Insights, and several other systems to track organic search, site health, social media data, device usage and to capture leads through online systems, Cobalt has been able to provider greater visibility and cost-effective social ads.

Impressive Results

Our goals to have a meaningful financial impact and increase reputation have been met through meaningful analytics and social campaigns. By adequately analyzing cost-per-lead we have provided a cost-effective formula for our clients.

3.45% CTR

34% Less CPA

169% ROI