Re-Election Campaign Case Study

Political Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is now a real force in the world of politics. “The First Digital Election” of 2012 definitely offered Americans a glimpse as to how influential real-time digital media could be, but very few of us were prepared for the dramatic 2016 presidential race that played out online, 24/7 365. Digital marketing has offered candidates the ability to reach out to potential voters with a tailored message, rather than having to deliver a single pitch to a massive population of diverse individuals.

Project Detail

Dr. Rose Gowen was running for re-election for the position of City Commissioner At-Large “B” in Brownsville, Texas in 2017. We researched her constituency and identified social media as a great tool to connect and interact with them. Cobalt Social Media Catalysts micro-targeted Facebook posts and ads and optimized content on her website to drive voters into action.

We helped to brand her campaign by utilizing a “Vote4Rose” hashtag as a powerful visual tool and conduit to engagement. We included this branding on her social media posts, website, digital advertisements, and blogs. It was with a thorough use of the Cobalt Formula™ that we were able to translate the vision of her in-house campaign and reach, interact with, and motivate local voters.

ClientRose Gowen for City Commision
Cobalt Formula™Cobalt Custom

Catalyst Formula

Because of the current nature of political campaigning, we utilized a number of social media data tracking tools such as Facebook Page Insights to track audience interaction and manage our client’s social media reputation.

Google Analytics and Adwords helped us in developing great content that was disseminated through social media. We were able to present a true and meaningful representation of our client because of our analytic tools.

Vote 4 SEO

Having SEO as part of a well thought out digital strategy just can’t be beat. The Cobalt Formula™ includes the use of on-site and off-site SEO techniques, including content, to optimize for primary and long tail keywords. Vote 4 SEO and win customer traffic from the competition.

1.58% CTR

48% Less CPA

Won Election

Impressive Results

No amount of stats can trump the simple truth – Dr. Rose Gowen won her campaign. Her campaign, enhanced by the Cobalt Formula™, helped her to secure a solid win.