Santa Cruz Properties

Digital Marketing Campaign

Technology has completely transformed real estate and, in particular, the apartment rental industry. The days of relationship selling have passed. “More than 90 percent of people looking for their next living situation are searching online first and more than 60 percent are looking on mobile.” This requires a strong brand presence, micro-targeted digital marketing, real time customer service, and top-notch reputation management.

Project Detail

While Santa Cruz Properties builds The American Dream, Cobalt Digital builds the marketing ROI dream. From quality content to localized SEO strategies, the Cobalt Formula™ delivered.
Santa Cruz Properties has provided land ownership opportunities to residents of the Rio Grande Valley for over 20 years. While the company had ventured into the digital realm before, their ROI wasn’t exactly what they had anticipated.

We, here at Cobalt Digital, understood the value of their services and the amazing real-world benefits they offered their customers. We took their unique story and developed original content to showcase their properties and the feasibility of land ownership. Utilizing a strategic localized SEO campaign, auditing their site for SEO efficiency and keyword volume, and a data-driven social media campaign, Cobalt was able to quickly increase site traffic and conversions. In fact, their website has one of the lowest bounce rates and highest average page per session numbers that we have ever seen!

ClientSanta Cruz Properties
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Catalyst Formula

Social media analytics have proven themselves to be an essential tool for the Santa Cruz Properties digital marketing campaign. Raven Tools, Facebook Page Insights, and Google Display Banner have all helped us to gain insight into our target audience and redirect the Santa Cruz Property message. Santa Cruz Properties has been changing lives for decades and Cobalt is grateful to have partnered with such an outstanding company.

Impressive Results

The Cobalt Formula™ has helped to build the Santa Cruz Properties brand and target the right message to the right consumer online. This has in turn led to increased high quality traffic and conversions.

2.10% CTR

45% Less CPA

103% ROI