Tony Roma’s Case Study

Social Media Campaign

Entice customers and showcase your brand with a social media campaign that perfectly captures every succulent dish and thirst satisfying drink your restaurant offers. The foodies are waiting.

Project Detail

Tony Roma’s is a globally recognized restaurant that offers superior service, a full-service bar, a banquet room for private events, and delectable dishes that are talked about the world over.

Cobalt Digital Marketing was honored with the opportunity to highlight this one-of-a-kind restaurant in McAllen, Texas through a social media campaign and localized SEO services. We have delivered keyword optimized PPC and social advertisements to draw in customers in search of mouth watering food.

Cobalt recognizes the name and value behind the Tony Roma brand and we have worked diligently to create a seamless online experience for clients that matches their international message. When it comes to Tony Roma’s you should expect the best. And that’s exactly what Cobalt Digital Marketing Provided.

ClientTony Roma's
Cobalt Formula™Cobalt Custom

Catalyst Formula

The Cobalt Formula™ is enhanced by the use of the right analytics and metrics. Because of the nature of the project we have used a number of social media data tracking tools such as Facebook Page Insights to target our audience and our message for Tony Roma’s. The insights provided by these tools have allowed us to deliver unique social ads and specials in a cost-effective manner.

Maybe not master chefs, but we’ve mastered digital marketing

We’re as dedicated to our craft as Master Chefs are to theirs. Our expertise in social media management and marketing campaigns means new clientele for you. We’ll bring them in. Just make sure you have enough deliciousness to go around.

Impressive Results

Our social media campaign has had a huge impact on sales for Tony Roma’s in McAllen. We have been able to help them double their daily budget in sales on multiple occasions and have increased their reputation as the go-to restaurant for lunch, dinner, and after-hours happy hour. We serve quality. Bon Apetit!

6.84% CTR

72% Less CPA

212% ROI