Winter Sweetz

Produce Industry

The produce industry has undergone a dramatic shift over the last decade. Savvy health conscious consumers are more invested in the source and quality of what they eat. What was once a B2B industry has evolved into a B2C industry. This requires a strong brand presence online. Cobalt leverages our integrated formula of digital marketing tools to showcase produce brands to the world. There’s nothing sweeter than success.

Project Detail

Winter Sweetz™ Texas Red Grapefruits are a product of Lone Star Citrus Growers. Cobalt Digital was honored with the opportunity to create and grow the newly branded product online.

The Cobalt Design Catalysts created a mouth watering, visual Winter Sweetz™ website to capture the sweet flavor and sassy attitude of the brand. We then implemented a strategic content marketing plan to tell the story of Winter Sweetz™ and differentiate the brand. With the Cobalt Formula™ running at full throttle, we optimized the site using seasonally appropriate keywords and reached consumers in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia within the first year.  The Cobalt hustle has helped to turn the Winter Sweetz™ brand into a nationally recognized product.           

ClientGoodLayers Inc.
Project Date14 July 2017

Catalyst Formula

Our expertise with Google Analytics, Display Planner, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, and WhiteSpark has allowed us to identify top performing keywords and improve the site’s organic search results.

The SEO Sweet Spot

 Analytics is the fuel that drives the Cobalt SEO machine. We’re able to delve deeply into the data found through various tools and software to make the best SEO decisions for your website. The right mix of broad and long tail keywords coupled with our Cobalt Formula™ SEO strategies is the right recipe for success.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

Impressive Results

Optimized website. Strategic content for targeted audiences. And one-of-a-kind SEO strategies have helped to make the Winter Sweetz™ website the perfect portal for building their brand. Our clients love the taste of winning.