Digital Ads - A Certified Google & Meta Partner

Cobalt Formula™ ad campaigns are developed and managed by industry recognized experts to give you the best possible return on investment.

These certifications position our team to readily access the best and most up to date training, support, and resources directly from Google and Meta.

We’ve mastered ad segmentation and advanced targeting methodologies including keyword targeting demographic targeting interest targeting behavior targeting affinity targeting look alike targeting geofencing Our ability to micro-target assures you will spend your ad budget effectively!

Our ability to micro-target assures you will spend your ad budget effectively. We also learn from the data month over month for continuously improved return on investment. Our expertise microtargeted varied customer segments, enables us to help you reach your growth goals even if you step outside your traditional target customer. We can help you micro-target profitable niches and turn current events and trends into opportunities.

We first beta tested our Cobalt Formula™ in the summer of 2017 when one of our land development clients told us “Try whatever you want. We never sell much during the summer.” They went on to have the highest summer sales in the 30 year history of the company. Until, of course, the next year and every year after that!

Our Cobalt Formula™ coupled with advanced micro-targeting enabled the same company to effectively sell to vastly different customers and, from the time we started doing marketing for them in 2016, this company has grown 800%.