5 Much Needed Benefits Of Working With A Google Partner (a.k.a. Cobalt Digital)

September 6th, 2017

2017 has been an amazing year thus far at Cobalt Digital and things are only looking up. We’re growing, learning, and transforming what we do, to better meet the needs of our clients.

For starters, our brand new website is up and running. It’s a digital beauty if we may say so ourselves. We’re also currently on the quest to enhance our social media marketing and ads skills.

Just like any great team of professionals, we’re not happy if things are just ok. If we’re not pushing ourselves forward and polishing our abilities, then we know we’re not going to be able to do your business justice.

That’s why we are ecstatic to announce that we have secured our “Google Partner” status. Obtaining this (digital) badge of honor is no easy process and isn’t given to just any digital marketing company.

In order to legally display badges, our team of digital catalysts must take multiple courses and pass several to tests to gain individual qualification.

And that’s only the beginning.

We have to continue meeting the standards and requirements set forth by Google in order to maintain this status.

We’re already slaying digital dragons, enhancing online reputations, and increasing sales for all our clients with our certifications in:

Google Adwords

This professional accreditation from Google means that our team has demonstrated a high level of proficiency and skill in Adwords. This certification allows individuals to demonstrate that “Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.”

We couldn’t say it any better ourselves, Google.

Google Analytics

A certification in Google Analytics means we have the skills and understanding to use this amazing tool to its utmost ability. We know what metrics to keep an eye on to help drive specific consumers, to increase sales.

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Still doesn’t seem like much? We get it.

A certification for us doesn’t always translate to a benefit for you, right? Well consider this:

  1. Using Adwords already? That doesn’t mean you’re doing it right.

Spending money to save money might seem a bit odd, but if you’re trying to handle your Adwords account in-house, you may just be investing more than you should. Google’s Adwords service has plenty of money-grubbing options to choose from, and if you’re doing it wrong, you could be throwing plenty of your budget into the wrong keywords and campaigns.

Our certified Adwords experts can turn those wasted clicks into sales.

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  1. Focus on your business. We’ll focus on your digital presence.

Digital marketing. It’s what we do. In order to maintain our Google Partner status, we have to keep up with our Google Certifications. This means we need to participate in training sessions, take the necessary exams, keep up with the newest pay-per-click and cost-per-click strategies, and be on top of the latest trends in search, display, shopping, video, and mobile advertising.

Suffice to say that we put in quite a bit of effort to keep up-to-date with all the constant changes that happen in the digital world. It’s time and energy that you won’t necessarily have when you’re busy trying to run your own business.

Let us do what we do best, so you can do the same with your company.

  1. Better customer support.

Cobalt Digital is committed to results. We spend every penny of your money strategically. We use best practices to properly target the right markets and implement successful digital campaigns.

And when you have a question or concern, we’re right there to help.

Our Google certifications give us access to another support system to help quickly address any issues that you might be having on your account. This is the digital world, and of course, technical issues arise. But with Cobalt’s Google Partner status, we’ll both receive immediate attention so we can handle any problems right as they occur. No more waiting around. No more lost customers.

  1. Get ahead of the curve.

The business world is competitive. That’s the nature of the beast.

A Google Partner can help you get a jump on your competition by utilizing new features and tools only accessible to those of us with the right certifications. These beta features open up new options in Adwords, paid search, display, and shopping campaigns.

Not only will Cobalt Digital be able to use top-secret features to your benefit, we’ll also be gaining plenty of experience with these tools, so that by the time they finally go online for everyone else, we’ll be virtuosos.

Let’s see them just try and catch up to you.

  1. Google keeps an eye on us.

Being Google Adwords certified requires that we showcase our ability to properly execute A/B ads, successfully experiment with targeted campaigns to various demographics, and keep up with their standards.

If we don’t keep up with Google’s requirements then we can quickly have our badges and certifications suspended. Our reputation is on-the-line as well.

Believe us. We’re invested in your success.

Cobalt Digital. We’re official!

Reap the benefits of having a digital marketing partner that is Google certified. Find confidence in knowing that we have our game down pat. Cobalt hustles for you.

Contact us today at 956-303-6555 to find digital success.