What A Time To Be Alive! The New Facebook Local App And How It Can Change Your Small Business

January 16th, 2018

Facebook just dropped another (potential) game changer – Facebook Local. While technically Facebook Local is a revamped version of previously released app – Facebook Events – the new model looks to overthrow mobile apps Yelp and FourSquare to become the premier standalone events app.

Rather than focusing only on “events”, you’ll now have the option to discover new bars, restaurants, and nearby attractions drawn from Facebook’s robust 70 million business pages. The app’s homepage showcases potential options to try and highlights locations where your Facebook friends visit. There’s also a Discover tab that feeds you top suggestions and popular locations, as well as a Calendar option that shows you all of your Event invites and RSVPs, which also allows you to import your phone’s calendar so that you can have all of your appointments in one location.

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Facebook has stated that the Facebook Local app will benefit users by:

  • Keeping them current on the latest upcoming events and activities of friends in their local area
  • Allowing users to find new activities while on the go or for upcoming trips
  • Allowing users to explore the city and neighborhood they are in
  • Making a calendar of events easier for users to access

For small, local businesses, the new Facebook Local app really looks to be the perfect platform for you to showcase your business and services without all the clutter, newsfeeds, and options the original Facebook has. As essentially a new search channel and directory, you could reap the benefits of really developing your brand on the app, especially as it begins to grow. If you’re looking to begin taking advantage of Facebook Local today, consider the following information brought to you by the good folks at Cobalt Digital Marketing.

  1. You’ll need to stay relevant on Facebook and update any “events” as they occur.
  2. One of the biggest issues that businesses generally have is finding the right team member that can adequately curate and update social media profiles. Things won’t be any different for Facebook Local. Plus, ranking is going to be based on your business’s popularity with Facebook users your customers know (not strangers). That means if John and Jane aren’t content with your business and leave a bad review on Facebook, then “Friend #3” is NOT going to be hearing about you.

    The importance of responding to frustrated (or satisfied) clients through your businesses social accounts is as essential as always, and Facebook Local will go a long ways in reinforcing the importance of positive reviews and having a system in place to prioritize them.

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    Aside from dealing with customers and providing a great experience, you’ll also need to maintain a calendar of events and ensure that your customers are aware these things are happening. Don’t forget this also means promoting your local event with a captivating title and description that is going to draw in potential customers. Facebook Local can be an awesome tool in the right hands but you can’t have any “butterfingers” handling responsibilities.

  3. Business descriptions need to really shine and your information needs to be accurate!
  4. Look…it’s simple. Wrong Information is Bad for Business!

    With nearly 90% of local consumers who search for a business on a mobile device calling or going to that business within 24 hours, it can be an absolute horror show if your Facebook listing information is inaccurate or complete.

    As previously mentioned, not every business has social media or tech-savvy personnel that can make sure that this info is correct. But you should know that your business name, address, phone numbers, and hours NEED TO BE correct at all times.

    Another key element is going to be business descriptions. They’ve always been important but are going to become even more vital to drawing in business on Facebook Local. An engaging but concise description is absolutely necessary to highlight the best features of your business, as well as to draw attention to any events. Your About section should also include specific keywords as Facebook Local will be able to differentiate between “cafe” and a “cafe that specializes in cappuccinos”.

    This information is drawn from your Facebook Business page so whether it’s a post, updated information, or an event, you need to make sure that it is always in your brand’s voice.

  5. Ask to be the popular kid in town and get those check-ins.
  6. There should be no shame in your game; encourage clients to check-in whenever they visit your business and consider offering discounts, rewards, or some sort of benefit for doing so. As Facebook Local allows customers to search out specific types of restaurants, bars, and businesses, the more check-ins and positive reviews you have, the higher ranking you’ll receive.

    Make checking into Facebook a habit whenever customers come to visit your business.

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  7. Don’t forget to actually hold events.
  8. An app aimed at highlighting trending events and social activities works best when you do just that. Of course, events don’t have to necessarily be the traditional style (but you should do those too); sales events, new product launches, themed-events (especially for bars), and the likes will work will wonderfully to increase your visibility to potential customers.

    The more frequently you are able to host an event or sale, the more often you will appear as what is popular in the local area.

Facebook Local looks to make 2018 an amazing year for digital marketing. Get a head start on your competition and let Cobalt Digital Marketing help you take full advantage of the future.

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