Cobalt Digital Marketing Political Formula

March 7th, 2022

Cobalt Digital Marketing Political Formula The Cobalt Digital Marketing formula for political campaigns centers around collaboration with the candidate. The creative process begins with a meeting between our team and the candidate, during which we will discuss the story, purpose, and specific messaging for the campaign. 

Political Marketing for the Modern Age

Traditional marketing is getting less effective and more expensive every day, and as technology improves and evolves, political marketing strategies need to adapt to the changing landscape.  By moving beyond the traditional marketing techniques, our team is able to set itself and your campaign apart from the rest. We rely on proven, data-driven methods to reach voters and get endorsements. With a focus on digital strategy and your online presence, we can help you save money while increasing your reach.

Presenting Your Story

Learning more about the personal and professional life of the candidate can help us present a cohesive marketing narrative and strategy. Voters want to know why their candidate is running, what they care about the most, and what sets their candidate apart from the rest. From city improvement and small business concerns to sustainable living and youth programs, we know that there are endless ways that each successful candidate can effect their community.

Establish Your Social Media Presence

Once we have an idea of the issues you’d like to prioritize, we can formulate a strong social strategy to help your campaign establish a grass-roots movement amongst supporters. Each post is accompanied by a selection of hashtags to boost performance, as well as specific reminders of the candidate’s purpose for running. Our daily social posts cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Daily life with family and friends
  • Fundraisers and other events
  • Community involvement
  • Endorsements from public figures and organizations
  • Campaign photos and graphics

Candidate involvement in their social media and online presence is essential. This means that we will continue to request photos and ideas from the candidate throughout their campaign. With the help of our team of social media and content experts, we help bring the candidate’s words to life by telling stories through post captions and photos.

Create an Effective Informational Site

To maximize the effectiveness of your online presence, websites for political candidates are structured as landing pages. This means that all of the relevant information can be seen on one page, allowing voters to easy access to everything they may want to know. Through our efficient landing page design, we show voters who the candidate is, why they’re running, and how to join their movement. With the help of a robust website and inspiring messaging, your campaign can control the presentation of your story and purpose while reaching more voters.

Clean Campaigning and Your Competitors

In order to ensure that you can be as successful as possible, we will also observe the online presence and actions of your competitors throughout the campaign. We are committed to differentiating our clients from the rest of the pack, but that differentiation is never based on copying or slandering another candidate.  Each candidate is unique, and the goals of their campaign are specific to them. We work to build a clear mission for each campaign, showing voters why the candidate is running and what they believe in. Our clients’ experiences are unique, and we aim to highlight the personal strengths of each candidate.

Bringin Out the Vote

When it comes down to it, election day is the most pivotal moment of any campaign. This is why our team will continuously remind voters about important dates and locations as election day approaches. This includes promoting early voting, as well as mail-in-voting when applicable. To present the strongest argument for our candidates as the final day approaches, we put a spotlight on the endorsements and support that the campaign has received, as well as sending messages thanking those supporters. Each day, our team will provide information on voter education, statistics, and the importance of each vote. We are dedicated to promoting community involvement through voting, and we will work tirelessly to help you get out the vote.

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