Cobalt: Using Top-Notch Technology To Empower Political Clients

November 7th, 2022

Staying competitive in today’s modern age of politics means staying up-to-date with the latest marketing and campaigning techniques. With more and more of us relying on streaming services for our daily entertainment, its essential that campaigns can continue to access voters who may have previously watched cable tv.

That’s where Cobalt comes in. We utilize years of experience, a diverse set of expertise, and the most advanced technology available to empower our political clients. Keep reading to learn more about our latest tool for jumpstarting campaigns for political office: OTT advertising.

What Can OTT Do For Your Campaign?

By now, the switch to streaming is old news. Now, campaigns need to compete to harness those services to connect with voters, a system known as OTT advertising. At Cobalt, we combine our experience with powerful OTT tools to effectively connect campaigns with a wider, targeted audience while monitoring the impact over time:

  • Our OTT system’s improved match rate let’s us take voter data and use it to target your political campaign to the correct audience.
  • With the 30-50% expanded reach offered by OTT, your advertising will be seen by a wider viewing audience at home, on their laptop, and mobile devices.
  • We offer a wide array of CTV advertising solution that ensures your political campaign is seen by voters who use streaming-only services.
  • Various reporting solutions help us quickly track the success of your OTT campaign with single-day data uploads.

The days of mailer-only campaigns are long gone, and now it’s time to show that your campaign is ready and able to serve a modern community.

How Cobalt Can Utilizes Data To Enhance Your Advertising Effectiveness

Sure, now you know about the awesome potential of OTT advertising, but how is that potential put to work for your campaign? At Cobalt, we’ve created a suite of tools that we use to ensure that our clients get results:

  • Our OTT tools enable a 90%+ match rate, meaning we can adjust your content to fit your target audience while ensuring it’s seen by as many voters as possible with the system’s wide reach.
  • OTT’s various reporting solutions allow us to take data, like form fills, email registrations, supporter sign-ups, and foot traffic, to then tweak and adjust the content of your campaign.
  • The Transaction Value Reporting ensures that your advertising efforts stay on track financially through detailed tracking.

Having access to a powerful medium like streaming doesn’t mean much if you can’t control and funnel that power effectively. By consistently collecting and analyzing OTT data, Cobalt can help your campaign get the most out of digital advertising.

How Cobalt Harnesses OTT to Boost Campaigns Performance

If the results shown above weren’t enough to convince you that OTT is the tool you need to boost your campaign’s performance, you should consider all of the ways that these results can impact your actual campaign and return on investment, not just your advertising reach:

  • Because of the high match rates, your advertising won’t be wasted on voters whose data doesn’t align with your political campaign.
  • Your campaign will be seen by a wider audience from those who use cable services to others who have converted to streaming only.
  • The content of your advertising and the way it’s received by voters can all be analyzed with various reporting solutions so that any adjustments that are made only help your political campaign.

It might not always be obvous how your investment in effective advertisement can translate to improved performance for your campaign, but accessing a wide audience that is open to your views is the key to winning any political office.

Don’t wait to get Cobalt’s help reaching new and existing voters for your campaign. Reach out to our team today!

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