google partners
  Google is so much more than a search engine. In many ways, it’s more than the sum total of all its parts. It’s more than an algorithm. More than the 60,000 employees working in 50 different countries around the globe. Google is a unifier. Dare we say, the unifier. Google has brought together billions...
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Google Changes
Rebranding. Prince did it. Madonna too. Heck, even Garth Brooks did it briefly by donning a wig that had bangs, a little eyeliner, and a soul patch to become Chris Gaines. When done correctly, rebranding can be used as an effective strategy to bring life back to something that may be going a little stale....
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2017 has been an amazing year thus far at Cobalt Digital and things are only looking up. We’re growing, learning, and transforming what we do, to better meet the needs of our clients. For starters, our brand new website is up and running. It’s a digital beauty if we may say so ourselves. We’re also...
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