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With the popularity of streaming services, cable cutting is becoming more prevalent. It doesn’t mean ads are out, it’s just been upgraded to over-the-top advertising.

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OTT Advertising: Target Your Audience Better

Over-the-top advertisements are specifically designed for streaming on TV and mobile. It’s delivered directly to the viewers before, sometimes during, and after the movie or content is displayed. OTT offers great advantages to business owners because you can target your audience based on their demographics instead of the old method of casting a wide net on TV commercials.

Switch to Over-the-Top Advertising and Gain Amazing Benefits!

Reaches a bigger audience

Targets your viewers

Utilizes data feedback

Boosts click-through rates

Engages your audience

Gives you more control

The New Age of TV Entertainment: Cutting Cables and Streaming

Streaming has definitely won the popularity contest — about 80% of viewers would rather stream content on their TV or mobile device rather than read it. In 2021, the streaming industry reached over $59 billion and is projected to exceed $223 billion by 2028. So, think about how far your ads will be able to go and how many people they will be able to reach. OTT ads are a powerful and simple tool our McAllen marketing agency can use to help you grow your business boost sales.

An Experienced Team Equals Powerful Over-the-Top Advertising!

To get the best OTT ads online, you need an experienced and talented team to help you show off your business. And our digital marketing team has what it takes. Spread across North America, our geodiverse team brings together a world of knowledge to help you create eye-catching ads and boost your business.

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Digital Marketing FAQs

The cost can depend on many factors including how many times someone actually clicks through to view your ad.

The limitation you may face is the ad format. But our Cobalt catalysts can handle that part for you.

Over-the-top advertising is designed for short video ads, which shouldn’t last more than 30 seconds.

Yes, over-the-top advertising has a big advantage in letting you choose when to pause and start showing your ads.

It’s time to keep up with your audience and target where they view video content. Reach out to Cobalt Digital Marketing to learn how OTT ads can boost your business!

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