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Don’t let the sunglasses fool you. I’m not that hip, cool, or with it.

I’m probably—easily—the biggest nerd you could ever meet.

I was born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley, graduated high school in ‘02, and attended the University of Texas – Pan American (now UTRGV) where I earned my bachelor’s in Print Journalism in 2007.

Interesting, huh? Well, thankfully things have picked up since.

After college, I worked at a call center for more years than I’d like to admit, but from that I met a lot of wonderful people both in office and through the phone lines. Looking back at it all now, it was an experience that I had to live in order to be successful in what I’m doing now.

Sales experience goes a long way when writing a blog for a company. You’ve got to tie in the wants, interests, and needs for the customer and identify how a business can achieve those concerns. Couple that with years of writing experience, and you’ve got yourself a content marketing stew, baby!

Of course, my love for journalism still compels me to freelance with local newspapers around the RGV. It has reinforced my skill sets in networking and investigative questioning—not to be confused with interrogation—which in turn aids me in discerning and capturing what the company voice sounds like with what information clients share.

And now I use these tools working at Cobalt Digital Marketing. We are a collective of professionals with varying degrees of experience from coding, photography, content writing/editing, networking, and sales, and we all bring together our personal experience to help successfully grow local businesses through our unique Cobalt Formula™.

Not many people can say that they do what they love for a living. For me, writing for a living while encouraging local commercial growth is pretty righteous.


Content Marketing 90%
Online Competitive Gaming98%
Fantasy Fiction Writing89%
Fantasy Fiction Reading83%

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