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Let’s face it: it’s no longer possible to truly succeed in business in this world without an incredible online presence.

Whether you’ve never had a website or your existing site needs an overhaul, the team at Cobalt Digital Marketing can improve your online performance.

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A Results-Driven Approach to Web Design: The Cobalt Formula

Our Cobalt Formula is specially crafted to harness algorithms, new technologies, and user trends. At Cobalt, data drives everything we do, ensuring we can constantly adapt to what’s working and what’s not. Our team of content creators creates effective messaging to draw in new customers, and our SEO team hones that content to boost your site’s presence in search results.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your advertising tactics. Trust in the Cobalt Formula to evolve your marketing approach.

The Cobalt Formula

Trust in Our Geo-Diverse Team of Experienced Digital Marketing Experts

When it comes to web design, creating a site that caters to a wide audience is essential, and that means understanding a wide variety of lifestyles and viewpoints. The geo-diverse team here at Cobalt makes us particularly well-equipped to formulate effective content and advertisements. No matter what audience you want to target, we have the insights you need to succeed.

Our Cobalt Catalysts

Grow Your Business With High-Quality Web Design on a Great Platform

Cobalt Alpha

For your convenience, Cobalt offers its own web-building and site hosting tool in the form of Cobalt Alpha. Choose from a wide selection of eye-catching designs and let our team handle the rest. We can help you take your business to the next level in no time.


In addition to our own web hosting, Cobalt also offers web design services on the site hosting platform, WordPress. With tons of stunning designs and widgets to use, WordPress is an excellent choice for those looking to build a robust website.

Other Platforms of Your Choice

No matter what platform you choose for your web hosting, the team at Cobalt Digital Marketing is happy to work with you to make your website vision a reality. From SquareSpace and Weebly to Wix and GoDaddy, we can make it work for you.

Your Web Design Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Along with our own web-building platform, we also offer web-building services through WordPress. However, we’re happy to use any platform you choose to build your site on.

All of our sites are not only functional on mobile but also fully optimized to offer the best mobile-friendly experience possible for your site.

At Cobalt Digital Marketing, we believe the internet is for all. Because of that, we are dedicated to making all of our sites fully accessible for all people with disabilities.

The truth is, your website frequently needs tweaks to ensure the best performance. Usually, a site-wide overhaul should be carried out at least every two years to keep your site relevant and appearing in search results. When you work with Cobalt, we can carry out the adjustments your site needs to maximize results for your business.

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