Get Out Your Duster! It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Website With Cobalt Digital Marketing!

March 8th, 2023

A man spring cleaning a kitchen counter with a laptop nearby.

While you can easily get your duster, mop, and disinfectant out to spring clean your office, freshening up your online presence takes a little more effort. Our digital marketing spring cleaning crew wants to help you clean up your website!

Just like your workspace, it doesn’t take long for things to get piled up, cluttered, and disorganized on your website. Our team can help you spruce up your site and make it more effective this spring!

Make Your Content or Web Pages Tidy!

Sometimes your business plans shift as time goes on. You learn what works, what doesn’t, and what your customers want from you. It’s important that your website reflect your current goals if you want it to remain successful!

What Can CDM Do?

Our clean-up crew can review your content and web pages and make the adjustments you want! You get to choose what stays and what goes, but we’ll do the heavy lifting of making the changes.

Freshen Up Your Website’s Layout and Navigation!

Since you use your website regularly, you may think it’s easy to navigate. But is it easy for new clients to find their way around? 

What Our Crew Can Do!

Our digital marketing team has the know-how to design a website that flows. From the home page to the contact page, we can help you maximize your online presence!  

Straighten Up Your Broken Links and Buttons!

Links and buttons are essential tools for your site! They help show your customers around and encourage them to interact with the content. But if your links are broken or lead to the wrong place, your customers will have a bad experience.

How Does CDM Help?

Effective online marketing starts with a functional website—in other words, it has to work! Our team can check all links and buttons to make sure they’re guiding your customers to the right places.

Scrub Out Any Website Compliance Issues!

Accessibility is an integral part of a website’s design. All users should be able to use your site, including people living with disabilities. If your website isn’t ADA-compliant, you may miss out on potential clients.

Get ADA Compliant With CDM! 

Making your website accessible to all users can be tricky. Sometimes it takes a bit of “scrubbing” to get the right colors, text, or descriptive titles in place, but we’ve got the muscles to get the job done! 

Dust Off and Review Your Website’s Analytics Data!

Analytics data is the key to seeing how your customers use your site. If you’ve never looked at your website’s analytics, you may miss out on easy improvements that could mean new customers!

How Does CDM Use This Data?

Our professional dusters can review your website’s analytics data to see why customers are sticking around or leaving. Maybe it’s the content, navigation, or accessibility. Our team can make suggested adjustments to your site. The longer your customers stick around, the more likely they’ll reach out to you! 

Spruce Up Your Business With a Mobile-Friendly Site!

So many people use their mobile devices to navigate the web these days. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll lose potential business.

Our Crew Is on the Move! 

At CDM, our spring cleaning crew knows the importance of connecting to customers wherever they are. Let us spruce up your mobile website to make your business more accessible!

Unclutter Your Website to Improve Speed and Performance!

To your customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than a website that takes forever to load. Statistics have shown that if a website doesn’t pull up in less than a few seconds, users will move on to another site.

How Does CDM Speed Things Up?

Our cleaning crew values speedy but quality work. Not only do we focus on building a quality site, but one that will meet performance guidelines! We can clean up your website so it doesn’t lag.

Cobalt Digital Marketing: The Website Cleaning Crew You Need! 

You may want to spring clean your website but have no idea where to start. At Cobalt Digital Marketing, we’ve got the manpower you need! Our spring cleaning crew wants to help you be successful in your business ventures by keeping your website top-notch

From cleaning out clutter, dusting off data, and modernizing your site, our digital marketing team is full of spring cleaning experts! Reach out to our amazing CDM crew today to complete your 2023 spring cleaning! 

Is it time to spring clean your website? Talk to our team at Cobalt Digital Marketing to get started today! 

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