The Internet Is For Everyone! What You Need to Know About Creating Inclusive Website Experiences

April 26th, 2023

A man and woman working together to design a website.

Diversity and inclusion is not a trend, it’s an evolution of our collective business conscience. As businesses build strategies and implement new HR practices for diversity and inclusion, technological innovation has kept pace. Yet, the focus on inclusion in the consumer facing digital world has not.   

When you consider that 1 in 4 adults in the United States have some type of disability, it becomes clear that by not addressing your digital user experience, you are missing out on one quarter of your potential customers. Here in Texas, it’s 11.8% and in the Rio Grande Valley, where we are located, it’s 12.8%. 

This is why creating inclusive website user experiences is so important! The good news is that AI powered technology is now low cost and available to make websites accessible to a wide range of abilities. This means more inclusive online customer experiences, more happy customers, and overall business success!

What Is Website Accessibility?

Accessibility doesn’t just mean that your website looks good to customers and is available for online use. It includes easy access for everyone including people living with disabilities–or ADA Compliance. Ask yourself these three questions.

  • Is your website easy to understand for people living with cognitive disabilities?
  • Are your customers able to easily navigate from your home page to the sales page and guide them to the “check-out” or “contact us” page?
  • Are you losing customers because they can’t see or hear your website’s content?

Making your website accessible must also include easy access on mobile devices. These days we live our lives on our hand-held devices! For some people, that is their only connection to digital content. And you don’t want to lose customers because your website doesn’t have an effective mobile user experience.

6 Elements For An Inclusive Website in 2023

Building a website is all about building online user experiences! Strong websites have organized their content for thoughtful user journeys by customer base segments. Adapting your website’s user experience to be more inclusive is simple and, if you are tuned into your customer base, intuitive. And at the same time, necessary for business growth and to keep up with 2023 digital marketing trends.

  • Layout & Design – A well designed website makes a strong statement but is simple and has intuitive navigation.  
  • Organized ContentAn organized user experience is key to help each segment of your customers base identify your business solution to their needs.  
  • Descriptive TitlesTitles should easily explain to your customers what they will find on your website pages. 
  • Alt TextPhotos are a great eye-pleaser, but not for those who can’t see. Alt text is a great way to describe your photo’s point to people who use screen readers. 
  • Inclusive Language Content is a powerful tool to connect with your users. Be conscious about language that might intimidate, alienate, or offend potential customers. 
  • Mobile-friendlyYour website must be mobile responsive and easy to navigate across devices of all sizes. 
  • AccessibilityProvide the opportunity to users to make keyboard navigation, screen reader, content, and color & display adjustments.   

Cobalt Digital Marketing wants to be your partner in creating inclusive online experiences because we believe the internet is for everyone. For this reason, we’ve identified an accessibility tool with an incredibly easy interface that allows users to customize your website to their individual needs.   

Partner With Cobalt Digital Marketing To Make Your Website Accessible To ALL Your Potential Customers!

What if your online client base could include customers who are blind or motor impaired? Imagine creating a positive digital experience for customers who have epilepsy or cognitive disorders! You can make your website accessible to everyone! 

Partnering with Cobalt Digital Marketing can help you create thoughtful and inclusive website experiences for all your customers. From website layouts to colors and mobile responsiveness, our experienced website developers can help you achieve a more productive digital footprint! To top it all off, we’ve partnered with the #1 website accessibility solution. We are ready to help you implement this cost effective innovative technology.

Make My Website Accessible For Everyone!