The Role Google Reviews Could Play In Your Business Success!

January 18th, 2023

Close-up of positive reviews on phone.

Many customers read Google reviews before deciding whether they want to buy your products or use your services. Good or bad, reviews affect your business, and if you have no Google reviews, customers can also take that as a bad sign. Thankfully, you can take advantage of a convenient and cost-effective method for advertising your business on Google!

We’ve seen how Google reviews can sway public opinion and choices. Keep reading to learn the benefits of Google reviews and how we can help you utilize them in your journey toward success!

How Can Google Reviews Build Brand Trust?

In short, reviews have power! Google reviews hold a lot of influence over your future clients. They will give customers insight into the quality of your service, products, and company. Bad reviews will make clients consider spending their money elsewhere, and no reviews might make them worry about your business. But good Google reviews can help people know your company is reliable and trustworthy!

How Can Google Reviews Help My Business Grow?

Good reviews can bring in more revenue! Many times, clients call directly from the Google listings after reading reviews, not even clicking through to your website’s contact page. As your business gets more positive Google reviews, you might see an increase in sales!

Bad reviews don’t have to be all bad, though; they can help your business grow. Consider bad reviews as constructive criticism — a way to learn and improve your company. What didn’t work? Why wasn’t your client happy? It’s an effective way to get feedback from your customers and reach out through your online presence to make things right.

However, having no reviews could stop your business growth. Customers may think that your company isn’t active, or that your business isn’t making enough of an impact on your current clients for them to want to leave you a review.

How Can Google Reviews Help My Business Rank Up on Google’s Listings?

When customers search for an Italian restaurant, plumber, handmade retail store, or whatever type of business you have, is your business on the top of the Google listings or the bottom? Most clients will pick the top listing with the best reviews!

Google reviews can control where you fall in line. Google takes into account how many reviews your company has and the overall rating score. If you have a perfect five-star rating and a thousand reviews, chances are you’ll be one of the first listings your customers will see! You may even be listed higher than the retail giants in your area! 

But if you have just a couple of bad reviews or zero Google reviews, you’ll most likely be at the bottom – maybe even on the third page. Ouch! But how can you fix it? Digital marketing is the answer!

Cobalt Digital Marketing: Making Google Reviews Work For You!

There are ways to keep your business top-notch even with a couple of bad reviews. Sometimes poor reviews are fake or someone’s idea of a cruel joke. But don’t try to cover them up by buying fake reviews. Most customers can see those a mile away. 

At Cobalt Digital Marketing, our talented team understands the tips of the trade! We’ll get to work by keeping your Google listing updated, helping you encourage positive reviews, and increasing keyword strategies! Make those reviews work for you and improve your Google ranking with our team dedicated to bringing your business to the top! 

Does your Google listing need some attention? Reach out to Cobalt Digital Marketing today to start improving your Google reviews!

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