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Is your passion to run a successful business? Does the marketing process confuse and overwhelm you? Would you rather automate that whole process so you can focus on what truly matters within your business while increasing that revenue stream? Good news, you can! Gone are the days of expensive traditional marketing costs that might help you break even on your return of investment. Now, through...
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Several weeks after its onset, the COVID-19 Pandemic caused massive dislocation among small businesses. In fact, according to a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 43% of businesses in the study’s sample (5,800) had temporarily closed largely due to COVID-19. Respondents in the 2020 study that had temporarily closed pointed to reductions in...
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2020 was a year marked by change and uncertainty amid a global pandemic. And if you’re like so many countless Americans, you likely spent more time at home than ever before. Thankfully, throughout 2020, technology gave us access to all the happenings going on around us, even if at times it felt like we were alone.  When seen through the lens of Google Trends, 2020...
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Handle Google Core Updates
Google is the go-to search engine, earning over 90 percent of the search engine market share worldwide. Because of its dominance, it is essential that every webmaster and digital marketer understand exactly how updates to Google’s core algorithm can greatly affect their websites’ rankings in the search results. Google has provided some official guidance to help you improve your rankings and your McAllen digital marketing...
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Digital Marketing In 2020 and Beyond
When you begin structuring a digital marketing plan, aligning yourself with a company that embraces growth and innovation is a critical first step toward securing the best return on investment for your products or services. Marketing is the practice of connecting with your audience at the right time, and with data showing 87% of buyers search for products to buy online, digital marketing has become...
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Cobalt Justice, a new addition to our award-winning Cobalt Formulaᵀᴹ, can make all the difference in giving your firm’s website the attention it deserves. We want you to be able to have your complete focus on your clients while we take care of the rest, marketing wise.This formula was designed specifically for the law industry, where we implement winning digital marketing strategies, campaigns, tools, and...
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