6 Myths About Great Web Design Busted! What You Need to Create a Great Website!

July 16th, 2023

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The days of getting by with nothing but traditional marketing are gone. In the Internet age, any business hoping to succeed will need an online presence.

If you’re a business owner, that might not be news to you. And while you may already know your business needs a website, you might not know how to spot all the myths surrounding great web design.

Today, the team at Cobalt Digital Marketing wants to debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding web design and how to create an effective online presence. Keep reading to get the information you need, and reach out to us for the best McAllen web design.

1. Myth: Your Homepage Matters Most

Since your homepage functions as the entrance to your site, it can be easy to fall for the myth that your homepage is the most important part of your site. The truth is, your homepage isn’t where users will spend most of their time. Instead, you need to have well-designed subpages in place to direct users along their journey toward an eventual sale or conversion.

Of course, a fully-optimized homepage is an essential part of a great website, but making sure your subpages are also expertly crafted is where the rubber hits the road. The team here at Cobalt Digital Marketing is highly trained in creating effective content for every part of the user journey, and we can design effective home and sub pages for your site.

2. Myth: Appearance Is the Most Important Part

If it looks pretty, that should be good enough, right? Wrong. If users can’t navigate and utilize your site with ease, they’re likely to head elsewhere. Things like site speed, quality content, SEO, and site layout all play a major role in how effective your site is in drawing in new customers and creating sales.

While having a nice-looking website is certainly a key part of good web design, it’s far from everything. When you work with Cobalt Digital Marketing, you can rest assured that your site will be more than just a pretty face!

3. Myth: Web Design Is a One-Time Event

So, you’ve successfully created a well-designed website. That’s great! But the job is far from over. A well-designed website isn’t a static thing; your website needs to adapt to changing trends, algorithms, and technology. That means carrying out routine updates to make sure your site is performing well and up-to-date.

Cobalt Digital Marketing carries out regular reporting and site checks to ensure your site is always running at top performance.

4. Myth: One Method Fits All Needs

If you start asking around about how to design your website effectively, you’re likely to get some pretty broad answers. However, the truth is, the design and style of your website will vary depending on your business and your needs.

For instance, while some will advise you to create a minimal design for your site, minimalistic aesthetics may not match your brand. That’s why it’s so important to rely on insight from experts to help you craft a site that not only works well but also supports your brand.

5. Myth: Mobile-Friendly Design Is Optional

Until recent years, it wasn’t really necessary to optimize your website for mobile devices in order to make an impact online. However, cell phones are now one of the primary ways users will interact with your site. Without a site that’s optimized for mobile, you’re leaving a lot of potential sales on the table.

Take advantage of the potential of online advertising with an expert-crafted, fully mobile-optimized website built by the team of McAllen web design experts here at Cobalt Digital Marketing.

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