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Understanding the Power of PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a way for businesses to pay to appear more often in front of customers within a chosen target audience.

To use PPC advertising, advertisers, like us, pay a fee each time a PPC ad is clicked within a given budget.PPC is a great way to grow your customer base because it allows you to buy visits to your site rather than having to earn them organically.

Get Your Brand in Front of More Potential Customers With PPC Services

Paid Search

Today, customers make purchase decisions based on searches on sites like Google and Bing. Make sure your brand shows up where your customers are looking with PPC search and call ads.

Paid Social

From Facebook to LinkedIn, start gaining traction on social media with effective PPC advertising. Using top-notch data, we can help you expand your reach online, boost sales, and foster customer loyalty.


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s especially good advice in marketing. You can re-capture sales even after your potential customer has left your website using remarketing on search, social, video, and display.

Display Ads

Whether they’re on mobile, search, or the web, brand-building and visually striking display ads can grow your online presence and increase sales. Get help from the marketing experts at Cobalt.

Video Ads

With more than 2.68 billion active users, YouTube is a powerhouse when it comes to engaging potential customers online. Our highly-skilled creative team can generate effective, memorable videos for YouTube searches and ads.


There’s no denying it: online shopping is the way of the future. Whether they turn to Amazon, Bing Shopping, or Google Shopping to find their next purchase, PPC ads can ensure your products make it in front of online shoppers.

Maximize Your Results With the Marketing Experts on Our Geo-Diverse Team

Running a successful business in Texas requires understanding potential customers from a variety of different backgrounds, and the team here at Cobalt Digital Marketing is especially suited for just that.

With marketing experts from different cultures, regions, and languages, we aren’t afraid to try something new to get results.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is one of the top online advertising platforms in the world. With Google Ads, the ads for your business appear in searches for terms related to that business. Using the platform, advertisers can bid on different search terms to ensure their ads appear at the top of results for that term. Advertisers can reduce the cost of PPC ads by using more specific terms, making Google Ads PPC a great option for businesses who want to start seeing results.

According to data from PowerTraffick, the top 3 paid ads in Google search results account for 46% of all clicks on the first page. This means nearly half of all searches result in a user clicking on a PPC campaign. With more than 8.5 billion searches submitted to Google every day, it’s clear that PPC campaigns can be incredibly effective.

If you’re trying to run PPC ads without help from an agency like Cobalt Digital, the cost can quickly add up. With help from our team, you can ensure that your money is being spent wisely thanks to our careful monitoring. It takes a lot of skills to create and adapt effective PPC campaigns, and we’ve got what it takes.

PPC advertising can be a great investment for any business, but it’s especially beneficial in certain situations. First, PPC ads are ideal if you’re looking for quick results relative to organic advertising. They’re also an excellent way to precisely target a specific audience. This is true even if your site doesn’t organically show up in the audience’s search results, making PPC campaigns a great choice for businesses without an established authoritative website.

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