May the Force Be With You! Boost Sales With the Power of the Force — A.K.A. Google Advertising Services

June 22nd, 2023

Two people dueling with lightsabers in the dark with a city in the background.

In the Star Wars universe, the force is a powerful ally that almost anyone can use — whether for good or evil. And this similarity is found in Google advertising services. It can either be used for good to boost your business sales or bad by keeping your business at the bottom. 

Since you might still be a padawan in the digital world, let your Jedi Knight — A.K.A. Cobalt Digital Marketing company — show you how we can help you use the force for good. Our experienced and powerful knights do this by boosting your marketing ROI through Google ad services. 

Choose Your Weapon: The 5 Types of Google Ad Services 

You wouldn’t want to face a duel without a lightsaber by your side. But lightsabers aren’t bought in stores. People who need one either have to choose to build a lightsaber, win it in a duel, or be given one from Jedi. Sometimes they even used other types of weapons to help them win wars, like the Mandolarian’s beskar spear.  

With Google Ad services, you can choose which weapon (or weapons) you want by your side. 

  • Search — Google search enables your ads to pop up when a similar search is made. 
  • Display — Catch customers’ eyes with visually pleasing ads on Google display.
  • Shopping — Keep your customers browsing with the Google shopping ad service. 
  • Video — A quick video can influence your customer’s desire to buy your products or services. 
  • App — Utilize the Google ad service to show off your creatively designed app. 

Don’t feel like you have to face the duel alone. A digital marketing company is ready to give you the tools you need to take your business to new galaxies.

Feel the Force Within You: The Benefits of Having Google Advertising Services on Your Side

When you’re facing a lightsaber duel, wouldn’t you rather feel the power of the force all around you? Of course you would! You don’t want to try swinging a heavy lightsaber and battle it out without the power of the force. 

With Google advertising services, you can feel this power in your online presence: 

  • Drive up online sales
  • Maximize website conversions 
  • Increase leads
  • Increase in-store traffic
  • Show off your app
  • Reveal your brand

When your ads are working for you and not against you, your business can quickly become the most powerful Jedi of them all. 

Let Go and Trust Your Feelings: Cobalt Digital Marketing Is Here To Help You Strike Down the Enemy! 

When using the force, Jedis were often told to let go of hate, trust their instincts, and let the power of the force work for them. When they didn’t follow this advice, the Jedis often found themselves in situations way over their head. 

If you don’t understand Google ad services, don’t have the time to train on it, or have the right resources to build ads, you need the power of a different kind of Jedi to develop it for you. Use the force for good with help from a digital marketing company like Cobalt Digital.  

At Cobalt Digital Marketing, our “Jedis” have been trained through a Google partnership, fought the dark side, and learned how to use the force to create strong ads that can boost your sales and maximize your ROI. Reach out to our team to learn how we can help you build amazing and effective ads for your business today! 

Are you ready to duel for first place? Contact CDM to learn how we can work together to fight for the top in Google ads!

Don’t Underestimate the Force!