McAllen SEO Experts Teach You the Building Blocks of SEO: The Keyword

January 18th, 2024

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If you’re new to the world of search engine optimization, you’ve probably seen one term used a lot: keywords. Understanding keywords is essential to understanding and utilizing SEO, but you may be wondering, “What exactly is a keyword, and how can I use one to boost my business?”

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about keywords from your McAllen SEO company.

What Is a Keyword in SEO?

A keyword is the most basic building block of SEO. Keywords are the terms and phrases that your clients search for online. Keywords can be only one word, but they’re often several words long. While keywords today are often non-grammatical pairings of words, such as “SEO keyword meaning,” they also often take the form of queries that a searcher might ask, such as, “What is a keyword?” 

In fact, these types of query keywords are becoming more and more important as the use of voice assistants becomes more common.

The role of voice assistants is just one of the ways that our technology influences the terms that we search. Another key feature of many search engines is map functionality. Because of that, some of the most common types of keywords use the phrase “near me:” for example, “restaurants near me.”

How Do SEO Keywords Help My Business?

So, now you know what an SEO keyword is, but you’re probably still asking yourself, “How does this help my business?” 

The key to the power of keywords is their ability to get your website in front of users who are interested in your goods or services. In other words, you start by determining what sorts of keywords people who are interested in your business might search for. For instance, if you own a shoe store, a few common keywords might be “shoe stores near me,” “shoes for sale,” or other specific questions about buying shoes, such as, “how to pick the right shoes for my feet.” You should also prioritize including your location as a keyword to maximize your local SEO.

After you have an idea of what keywords your potential customers are searching for, you can build a website that harnesses the power of those keywords through carefully created content to boost your keyword ranking. Keyword ranking is how close to the top of the page you appear in searches for that term. By boosting your ranking through the use of keywords, you can attract new, interested customers to your website.

How To Boost Your Business With McAllen SEO Services

Knowing what keywords are and how they work isn’t the same as knowing how to use keywords to boost your business. That’s where the experts come in. To truly maximize your potential online, you need help from SEO experts who can identify useful keywords and optimize your online presence to improve your ranking.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your online footprint, reach out to the team here at Cobalt Digital Marketing. We can help you maximize your digital potential for business success.

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