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The Catalysts to our chemical reaction

Meet our Catalysts

Our success is possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Cobalt Catalysts. Our Catalysts have some serious hustle! Each Catalyst takes pride in being a part of our team and each brings a unique style and perspective. They truly contribute to the evolution of our Cobalt Formula™ and each client success. With the ever evolving landscape of digital marketing, our Catalysts enable us, in fact empower us, to adapt and innovate. Our team is like none other!

Cobalt Digital Marketing

Edward Sanchez

Content Manager

Celina Maluf

Social Media Manager

Molly Gibson

Marketing Assistant

Valeria Contreras-Herrera

Social Media Catalyst

Matthew Figueroa


Houston Van Nest


Aisha Teegarden

Content Catalyst

Christine Carranza


Mary Garcia

Social Media Specialist

Eddie Villa

Digital Ad Specialist

Fidel Reyes

Social Media Specialist