The Catalysts to our chemical reaction

Meet our Catalysts

We are a multicultural, multi-lingual network of talent from around the world. Technology and a shared vision keep us connected. Each Catalyst takes pride in being a part of our team and each brings a unique skill set and perspective. They truly contribute to the evolution of our Cobalt Formula™ and every client success. Our Catalysts enable us, in fact, empower us, to adapt, innovate, succeed, and grow.

We are Catalysts who aren’t afraid to try something new and different to get new and better results. In fact, we believe that the only constant in digital marketing is change.

Cobalt Digital Marketing
Marketing Operations Manager

Sal Yanez

Ask anyone who has worked with Sal Yanez, and they’ll tell you he is a humble team builder who brings organization and efficiency to the workplace. His background includes a powerful mix of Information Technology, Bookkeeping, Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Management. 

At Cobalt Digital Marketing, Sal is dedicated to building a team and process to assure we consistently exceed client expectations. He’s a numbers guy at heart and you can count on him to be sure marketing strategies for our clients are built on sound data. He works with our Formula Managers to execute our Cobalt Formula™ strategies and build processes around the most current best practice tactics. Sal monitors insights and analytics to be sure that our sales funnels are performing well and leads the team to continually improve the quantity and quality of leads for conversion.

Sal may be soft-spoken but you can be sure his confident leadership helps our team be the best it can be!

Houston Van Nest

Content Strategist

Patsy Muniz

Formula Manager

Vianney Mena

Formula Manager

Aimee Ambriz

Social Media Specialist

Alina Besada

Content Writer

Amber Jones

Content Writer

Autumn M.

Content Writer

Claudia Alvarez

Content Writer

Eddie Villa

Adwords Specialist

Edward Sanchez

Content Writer

Ethan Plummer

Social Media Specialist

Fidel Reyes


Kassandra Moreno

Social Media Specialist

Molly Gibson

Marketing Assistant

Valeria Ribera

Social Media Specialist